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Words of Affirmation



By stating what you want to be attract into your life, you are mentally and emotionally seeing and feeling it as true, irrespective of your current circumstances. By doing this we are re-training our subconscious mind and using the universal law of attraction to bring our desires it into our own life.

Artwork by Isabel Bryna

Simply put, where our attention goes, energy flows.


I’ve experienced incredible results in my own life by repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis. Not only has affirmative thinking helped me have a clearer vision of my personal goals, desires, wishes and wants, it has also taught me to practice mindfulness and live each day with an attitude of gratitude.

I first learned about positive affirmations when I experienced anxiety for the first time in my life. I was 20 years old living on my own in Hawai’i. I felt completely overwhelmed with my college courses and was not fulfilled by my college curriculum or job. I was very broke, borrowing money from my parents and older sisters.  I was also single for the first time in months after having just ended my first ever “serious” relationship. I wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night and felt lonely for the first time in years. I would lay awake in bed for hours with a constant stream of negative thoughts, anxieties and worries run through my head. I didn't sleep. I let my negative mindset consume me. I had never dealt with anything like this before, so of course, the unfamiliar-ness and uncertainly was all I focused on. I would constantly complain about how tired I was during the day and then dread going to sleep at night, expecting another night of misery and upset. This went on for almost 6 months. I finally took matters into my own hands and began meditating each day for 10 minutes (I had recently learned about mediation through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the online holistic health coaching school I was studying at.)

I was researching different mediation methods online when I came across Louise Hay’s website and began to read over her written affirmations for prosperity, growth and success. I fell in love with her words. I was drawn to the simplicity and comfort of these sentences. I grabbed a school note book and jotted down as many affirmations as I could fit on my paper. I brought the notebook to campus later that day and read the affirmations a dozen times. I had each line memorized by the evening.

That night in bed, when I began to focus on my fears, insecurities and lack, I stopped myself and began to repeat Louis’s affirmation instead. I must’ve repeated the same 10 lines over a hundred times in my head that night. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Every single night from them on out I would get into bed a few moments early and speak my favorite affirmations aloud to myself (quietly - so that my roommates in the room next door wouldn’t hear me.) Eventually, when I felt myself getting tired, I would repeat them in my head until I fell asleep.

Soon enough, I stared writing my own affirmations. It has become a bit of a hobby since then. Everywhere I go I am jotting down words of positive affirmations and hanging pieces of paper with these words around my home, on my fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on my dashboard and in picture frames around my house. I have gifted many a sheet of personalized affirmations to friends and family during holidays/birthdays. I keep an updated sheet of affirmations in my wallet and am constantly typing new ones down on my iPhone’s notes. These days, I take my affirmations very seriously.

Whenever thoughts of anxiousness or unsettlement creep back into my mind, I immediately resort to repeating my favorite phrases in my head. It’s become a form of self soothing, really.

If I am feeling ill, I affirm to myself “ I am healthy and full of energy. My body knows exactly what to do to promote my healing. I become healthier each day.”

If I am overwhelmed with work or e-mails, I repeat “I am hardworking and focused. Everything that needs to be done is finished in divine timing. My work is always on time.”

When I am on a flight that gets caught in terrifying turbulence, I close my eyes and repeat “ I am safe. I stay calm in moments of chaos. I ground myself through my breathe. I am protected at all times. I am so grateful to arrive to my destination safely.”

You get the gist of it.


Artwork by Isabel Bryna
  1. Close your eyes and get clear on your vision. Take time on this. Have a note book or journal nearby. Write a long list of everything you could ever desire. Your health, your relationships, your lifestyle, your wealth, your home, your travel plans, your family or your career. Write until you cannot possibly think of one more wish or want. Imagine your own paradise. There are no limits.
  2. Choose affirmations that are most meaningful to you and your ideal reality. Are they focused on health? Happiness? Forgiveness? Wealth? Love?
  3. Get comfortable speaking them out loud. (I love to repeat my affirmations aloud while looking at myself in the mirror while making direct eye-contact. If you’re most comfortable doing this alone, find a quiet room or outdoor space where no one else will hear you. Speak with clarity and intention. Remember, you are speaking these words into existence.
  4. Repeat them often, when you are not busy with anything that may require your attention. There should be no TV, music or conversation in the background. Listen to yourself closely as speak these words.
  5. Be as relaxed as you can be. Take big, beautiful, juicy inhales through your nose and exhale out of your mouth in-between each affirmation. Bring your shoulders away from your ears. Release any burrowing between your eye brows. Relax. Breathe. Be gentle with yourself.
  6. Pay full attention to the words you are repeating. Your words are more important than anything else in this moment.
  7. Have confidence and faith in what you are saying. It will bring faster results. This is huge. Realize that you are worthy of all you could ever desire.
  8. When writing (or speaking) your own affirmations, choose positive words with no negative connotations. For example, if you wish to lose weight, do not repeat, "I am not fat", or "I am losing weight." These are negative statements, bringing mental images of what you do not want into your mind. Instead, repeat ”I am getting slimmer each day", or "I am at my ideal weight now.” These words create positive images in your mind.
  9. Always affirm, using the present tense, not the future tense. Saying, "I will be rich", means that you intend to be rich one day, in the indefinite future, but not now. It is more effective to say (and feel,) "I am rich now.” Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. So focus the energy of your subconscious on being rich now.


I am overflowing with happiness.

I feel joy and contentment in this moment.

Each morning, I am happy and enthusiastic about myself, my life and my mindset.

I find joy and pleasure in the most simple things in my life.

I love being this happy.

I have an beautiful sense of humor and love to share laughter with others.

Today I choose to be happier than ever before.

I create my own happiness.

I am most beautiful when I am smiling.

My happiness is infectious. The more time others spend with me, the happier they become.

I enjoy spending my time with friends and family who are as happy as I am.

I rest in a state of bliss when I go to sleep.

I know all is well in my world.


Artwork by Isabel Bryna

Today I am more abundant than ever before.

I feel confidently that the universal power is working constantly to bring me everything I need.

Money flows easily to me.

Each morning when I wake I am eager to begin work and increase my personal prosperity.

I carry out work that is fulfilling to me and beneficial for the world around me.

I am open to new money coming into my life in ways I could not have imagined or expected.

I know that there are unlimited ways for me to welcome money into my life.

I am generous with money always.

I am excited to share money, because I am confident that my wealth is limitless and constantly growing.

Money supports my own happiness. With my money I will travel, create, provide for myself and be charitable.

I am using money to bless my own life.

I am using money to bless the life of my loved ones.

I am excited by other people receiving money and wealth.

I celebrate the fact that money is simply energy, always flowing in and out of my life.

I welcome money into my life with open arms and an open heart.

I always have more money coming in than I do coming out.

I am grateful to the universe for the abundance of prosperity that is mine today.

I have everything I could ever need.

I focus my thoughts on good fortunate and happiness for everyone in my life, including myself.

I am provided for.

I rich in all ways.


I love myself first and foremost.

The most important relationship in my life is my relationship with myself.

I prioritize myself and choose to spend time only with those who value me for myself.

I attract only positive people into my life.

I attract relationships into my life that are meaningful and successful always.

I welcome new friends into my life each day, knowing that I am always able to learn something from each person I meet.

I attract a partner who is loving and gentle.

I attract a partner who is excited to share their love with me.

I attract a partner who respects me and my body always.

I am secure and I am safe in this relationship.

I trust myself and my partner.

I know my inner wisdom is my best guide.

Artwork by Isabel Bryna


I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I am considerate.

I am kind.

I am gentle.

I am generous.

I am loving.

I am healthy.

I have integrity.

I have compassion for everyone around me.

I am reliable. I always do what I say.

I act from a place of love.

I act from a place of security.

I am self-reliant.

I am independent.

I am creative and persistent in everything I do.

I am energetic and enthusiastic.

I am confident in myself. Confidence is my second nature.

I always attract the best of circumstances and the most positive people in my life.

I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.

I deserve love.

I deserve happiness.

I am worthy.

I am limitless.


I am successful now.

Today I accomplish more than ever before.

All of my ideas are wonderful.

I am a hard worker.

I am an efficient worker.

I am admired for my work ethic.

Each day I get closer to accomplishing all of my goals.

I welcome all success into my life with open arms.

I welcome new work and opportunities into my life.

I love completing new tasks.

I am excited to work.

Each day I learn something new that benefits my success.

I share my success with those around me.

I surround myself with only successful people.

I am proud of my success.

Artwork by Isabel Bryna


I am healthy.

I am healed.

I am whole.

Health is my birthright.

My body is working around the clock to keep me healthy and strong.

I take pride in taking care of myself and my health.

I express self love through the foods I eat and the thoughts I think.

I am healthier than ever before.

I am filled with energy and vitality.

I am vibrant.

I am slim and fit.

I am at my healthiest weight.

I have all of the energy I could ever need.

I exercise because I love my body and want to celebrate my personal fitness.

I always drink enough water. I am hydrated.

I eat the best foods for my body. I love preparing healthy, home-cooked meals for myself.

I love to eat foods that are colorful and vibrant.

I feel well always.

I listen lovingly to all of my body’s wants and needs.

I spend time with healthy and positive people.

My partner is healthy and strong.

My partner enjoys preparing us healthy meals.

My partner and I encourage one another’s health and fitness.

I feel better than ever before.

I feel alive.

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