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The Vegan-ing


started on a rainy afternoon here in Hawai'i. Rainy afternoons (or rainy mornings/nights) have always been something I consider sacred.  There is nothing more relaxing or peaceful than waking up watching the rain fall and knowing that your responsibilities for the day have just about diminished. I am a firm believer that the rain brings life and hydration to my creativity and would tell just about anyone that some of my best ideas have come to me during the greyest of days. I was at work here on O'ahu, nannying two children and a dog, when I came to the conclusion that there were few things I loved more than A) rainy days on O'ahu recovering from yesterday's sunburn and B) foods that made my mind, body and soul shine brighter. So it was right then and there, on that couch sipping a Banana, Cacao, Spinach + Raspberry Smoothie (I never forget a smoothie), with Charlie, Scarlett and their massive chocolate lab, Dylan, that I created this account. SALT SAND AND SMOOTHIES started out as an Instagram account with zero followers (actually I may have texted a few friends and told them to throw a girl a follow.) I personally like to think it has grown and flourished into so much more than a social media page. And I hope that one day you'll agree.


A bet with my oldest sister Therese.

That’s how I initially became a vegetarian at the age of six. Fortunately, from there on out there was no turning back. Little did I know that my six year old self would be paving the way for a lifetime of happiness and holistic health. Six year old me basically rocked.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a household that appreciated home cooked meals and primarily organic/vegetarian food almost as much as they did nightly conversations over the dinner table. Growing up, my absolute favorite meal was my mom's tofu peanut curry. To this day I think about that curry and find myself drooling on keyboards, desks, my shirt, your shirt, you name it. Our freezers were filled with the perfect balance of fruit/veg and  "vegetarian junk food." Ask any of my friends and you'll learn that my house was the go-to for late night "meatless buffalo wings" munchies and chocolate soy milk by the half gallon (Two pretty freaking amazing staples in a growing teen's diet, if I do say so myself.)

My parents both grew up on Long Island, New York. Where I too was born and raised with my two older sisters, Therese and Shana. My father is one of twelve siblings and spent his childhood raising chickens, riding horses bareback and being excused from school with his brothers when the cows "got out." Their life revolved around family, religion, art and making the most of the land that his family was fortunate enough to create a home on. Their diet was exceptionally high in meat, dairy and poultry. Fish was caught fresh, steer was shot in the backyard and eggs were collected by hand. When we were with my dad we sailed, explored trails in the forest, painted and listened to music. He taught me to love nature, pasta and art. And pasta.

My mother also grew up on Long Island with her four siblings. Her parents worked hard, loved each other and their children above all else. I always think that if Campbell's Soup and my Grandmother had IG accounts, they'd be "shoutout-for-shoutout-ing" on the reg. If she were still alive, she’d find a way to make me vegan green-bean casserole, and it would probably be the best thing I've ever eaten. With my mom, we planned trips, made scrap books, watched the Travel Channel and learned to love afternoons spent at home. She taught me how to be creative, loving and an exceptionally great packer.

As a child, summers in my hometown of East Hampton were all you ever thought about. I have known for as a long as I can remember that "winter" isn't a word I'd like to include in my vocabulary, and that snow + sun-tans don't add up. There was nothing I loved more than planning a trip; whether it be with my own family, friends or on my own. I learned at a young age that knowledge could be obtained outside of a classroom environment and that the more you experienced first hand, the more purpose your life would have long-term. I have gone on hundreds of vacations, spent months volunteering abroad, as well as picked up everything and moved myself 5,000 miles from New York to Hawai'i at the age of 19. But I'm still nowhere close to done. I have been self-diagnosed with chronic travel-bug and the only cure known thus far is to keep going. Learn more, see more, meet more and eat more. Yes, definitely eat more. That’s huge.

I created SALT SAND AND SMOOTHIES because I have finally connected with a way of living so pure, abundant and beneficial that I know it’s within my destiny to share it with others. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time (computer skills were never something listed on my resume) building this website and blog on my own with the hopes to make more personal and meaningful connections with you all. Ideally, I'm hoping to share a little bit of my journey to encourage and inspire others to make positive long-term changes within their own lives. Whether it be in regards to diet, health or simplistic wellbeing.

I hope that this website becomes a part of your life, as it has become a part of mine. Like I said, I have been building this website on my own, so hearing back from some of you would be so amazing and helpful. This girl can handle constructive criticism. Please take a look at my recipes, photographs, posts and links (but only for a little while - and not if you're with friends, family or have another opportunity to be doing something way cooler!) and take from them what you will.

Cheers to my first ever blog post! May my future and yours, be as sweet and healthful as today's breakfast smoothie. Mahalo for sharing this exciting experience with me.

Be well. Love,


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