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How to manifest anything

I have spent five years studying the Law of Attraction and have seen firsthand the immediate (and long-term) impact that these teachings and mindset “hacks” have had on my life. Five years ago, when I first began learning about the Law of Attraction and deliberate creation, I began reading books written by Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay and Shondra Rhymes. Many of their books, such as “Money and The Law of Attraction,” “Ask and It Is Given,” and “The Secret,” are books I still enjoy re-reading today. More recently, however, I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza and his teachings on meditation, neuroplasticity, and the quantum field. If you aren’t yet familiar with his work, his books, podcasts, or YouTube videos are a great place to start (many of which are free!) I have been obsessed with his work for about six months now and am so grateful to have much of the same information I’ve been learning for years through my law of attraction studies shared with me in new and different ways that allow me to understand the science of manifestation and how exactly we create our reality with every thought we think and emotion we feel.

Okay, now let’s begin.

I believe that there are two reasons why you have not yet manifested $1million into your bank account. The first reason is you don’t believe you can or that it’s possible for you—the second reason is you are living in your past.Let’s start with number two, as number one seems quite self-explanatory. So, what do I mean by telling you you’re “living in your past?” Let’s start here -Every single day, we think anywhere from 60 to 70,000 thoughts, with over 90%of those thoughts being the same exact thoughts we thought the day before.

Put simply, our thoughts are electric, and our emotions are magnetic.Our thoughts are electric because they’re constantly being sent and received.Our emotions are magnetic because they attract information and experiences into our lives. When our thoughts and emotions come together, they send out personal electromagnetic signals (or signatures.) In return, we receive information back that is based on the exact signals we are sending out. This is your vibration.

As I mentioned just above, your vibration will always be matched with a similar vibration and frequency. We know this is true in physics; like attracts like. Otherwise known as “we get what we give.” Our thoughts inspire our emotions, which then affects the body’s physical response and hormones.

When we think a thought, our brain releases a chemical message that tells our body to feel the same way we are thinking. So once you notice that you’re feeling a certain type of way, your body generates the chemicals needed to make you physically feel that way. It is incredible, actually.

So when you wake up and immediately start to check your phone, texts, emails, Instagrams, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktoks, DMS, missed calls and the news, you are creating a neurological “network” in your mind that includes all of these things - which will likely make you feel stressed or overwhelmed. When you begin to think that you’re overwhelmed, you’re going to physically feel overwhelmed or anxious, which will encourage you to think like someone who is overwhelmed, which will make you feel overwhelmed all over again.  

Another example of this is - If we start to think we are sick (or a doctor diagnoses us with a certain ailment), our thoughts tell our brain “I am sick” which will release chemicals to our body that immediately lower our immune system. This will make us feel even sicker, which then perpetuates more thoughts about how sick we are, and the cycle continues. This is because you paired your thoughts and emotions together to create an electromagnetic signal of “sick” feeling vibrations, and that vibration was then matched with a similar electrically charged vibration of prolonged sickness. Eventually, if we continued to feel and think we were sick forever, we would be. Our brain would begin to wire neurological networks that continue to perpetuate sick feeling emotions and sick affirmative thoughts. This is what Joe Dispenza refers to as “living in repetition.”

On the other hand, if we feel empowered or successful, we will think like someone who is empowered and successful, which will make us feel successful and help our brain make decisions that further our own success.

Now that we know what a powerful correlation resides between our mind and body, we can use this information to create experiences (both emotional and physical) that we do desire in our life experience. In order to do this effectively, we need to use self-honesty and awareness to determine two things…

1.    Am I living in my past?

2.    How can I use my thoughts and feelings to create anew version of myself each day?

Let’s dive into this first one now..

One way to know if you’re living in your past is to determine how much of your day is made up of repetition. Without realizing it, many of us do the same thing every. single. day. We sleep on the same side of the bed, wake up and make our coffee the same exact way, drive to work on the same route, listen to the same radio station or playlists, speak to the same co-workers, and complain about the same situations, and so on. It becomes very easy to feel like you “are stuck” in your life and not actually experiencing many of the experiences and emotions you deeply desire. Doing the same thing every day is not sustainable and will not lead to a lasting and fulfilling future. Overtime, people who live in their patterns become bored and resentful. So how do we break the cycle and stop the repetitions in our brains?  

The simplest way to break this pattern is through meditation. Meditation allows us to disconnect from the rehearsal of our lives, the repetitions, and be conscious of ourselves. 

I know that one of the first thoughts that come to your mind might be,“I suck at meditation.”

And the reality behind that thought is -- “I suck at meditation” is simply a story that you’ve told and convinced your brain to believe. Because meditation is a practice -- not something you are expected to “succeed” at or master right away. The good news is this: meditation quiets that story (and all others) in your head. Suppose you find it difficult to focus on the present and not be distracted by other thoughts or worries during meditation. Maybe you sit down on a Saturday morning at 9 am to meditate for 10 mins and find yourself feeling irritated, distracted, or wanting to “cheat” your practice so you can get up and drink your morning coffee already. The most likely reasoning behind these feelings and emotions coming up during your practice is because your mind is already programmed to believe that “9 am most mornings is the time when I’min the car, listening to the news, getting irritated by slow traffic and drinking my morning coffee on the way to my job.” In this case, if you’re able to “overcome” your brain’s temptation to get up and make coffee, your meditation practice is working. When we meditate, we create new neurons, new neural pathways and break old habits. This is not easy at first, but I promise that the more you practice, the easier it will become. 

Meditation eliminates the clutter in our mind and creates spaces for new changes in our body-mind and emotions to be a new neurological connection.(This is similar to how many plant medicines also work to create new neurological pathways in our brain.)  

The Law of Attraction teaches us that in order for things to change, you have to change yourself first. You can’t attract the things or the life you desire if you’re still living the lifestyle that you have. I’ll say that again:) You can’t attract the things or the life you desire if you’re still living the lifestyle that you have. Meditation is the fastest way, hands down, to ensure that you change, and in turn, your life changes. Learning new things is another way to create new networks and neural pathways in your brain. Some examples include learning a new language, a new instrument, or an artistic practice. Whatever you do, may it be sitting down for a 15 minute meditation, or half an hour of playing the piano, say to yourself, “I will not get up from this meditation, or this piano, until I am a new version of me in some way.”Maybe you feel 20% more calm or relaxed after meditation, or maybe you feel a little more confident or advanced in your piano practice -- by acknowledging this and reminding your mind “I feel calmer now,” or “I feel more confident now,” you will continue to become more confident or calm in your future. Are you getting the hang of this by now?

What we think, feel, and do every single day creates our state of being. Eventually, our state of being becomes our future reality.

Now onto another crucial component of Joe Dispenza’s teachings...

An important distinction that I’d like to make is that you do not manifest just what you want and desire. You manifest who you are.  

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but you will never be able to manifest wealth, coming from a place (or a vibration) of lack. The worst thing you can do is allow your mind and emotions to be in the “Dear God, please give me the money i desire and then I’ll feel better about my life and I’ll be rich and happy and generous with others often” state — when what you should be doing is first training your mind (and then body) to feel (and act) rich, happy and generous now and then you’ll receive your millions. To say this in another way, If you aspire to become a millionaire, you need to start reprogramming your brain to believe you already are one, by thinking thoughts and feeling emotions that you imagine most millionaires would think/feel. Do you know why this is so easy and fun!? Because your brain does NOT know the difference between a “real” external experience and an “imaginary” internal experience!

Don’t believe me? Try this exercise…. 

Close your eyes (well, read the rest of this paragraph first) and pretend you are in your kitchen holding the juiciest lemon you’ve ever felt.It’s big, ripe, and tender in your hand. Full of lemon juice. You pick up your sharpest kitchen knife and cut the lemon in half on your counter. It’s dripping all over the knife and counter already. You pick up the halved lemon, open your mouth, stick your tongue out and then squeeze the lemon half so that all of that sour lemon juice squirts out onto your soft tongue and into your mouth.

What do you feel? How does your body/face/cheeks/mouth react to this exercise?

Isn’t it incredible that although the lemon and its juice are imaginary, your brain (and body) responds to this story in real, physical ways.

Knowing that our mind is capable of “tricking” the body in this way, we can use this information to our advantage when we visualize and meditate on how we want to act, be and feel physically.

Okay, now back to reprogramming your mind and body to believe you are already living out/experiencing all of your desires..

Remember, Your thoughts and emotions create your state of being, which becomes your reality. And you don’t manifest what you want; you manifest who you are. That’s why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Because the rich don’t wake up every single day and think to themselves, “today I’m rich ,but tomorrow I might be poor.” They wake up and think, “today I’m rich, and I’m going to continue to find more ways to grow my finances and do more with my money and resources.” While the poor wake up, often stressing about how, where, and when they’re going to earn or make more money, which creates more stress and anxiety in the body and mind.

So now, let’s dive a little deeper into where most people “go wrong”when it comes to manifestation and how we can learn through other’s (and our own) mistakes to better our experience moving forward. As I mentioned above, most people wait for something to happen externally to positively impact their internal emotions. (Like asking for God to bring them a million dollars before they act generous, relaxed, and positive.) What’s the problem with this? When you’re waiting, you’re not creating any new experiences (or change) in your life; you’re simply “stuck” on what already is. When you’re waiting for something, you’re no longer living in the present but the past.

This is because you’re focusing on what’s already manifested (or not manifested) in your life. I.e. a mediocre salary, student loans, credit card bills, etc. Many people carry around “stories” and limitations around money, such as “My student loans will forever hold me back in my life, financially”rather than spending their precious time getting excited about new and unexpected ways that money could come into their life to pay off and eliminate this debt.

If you’re waiting for a million dollars to come into your bank account, you’re essentially confirming to your brain, “I don’t have a million dollars. I don’t know what to do or where it will come from. I’m not even sure it ever will come. I feel ‘broke,’ poor, and like my financial situation will never change dramatically.” Then you’re matched with a similar vibrational experience, which doesn’t bring you a million dollars or any change in your financial situation.

Unfortunately, most people like to live in the past, because it’s comfortable, easy and familiar. But what they don’t realize is that - if you’re living in the past, you’re going to create a predictable future, which will look a whole lot similar to your current life experience.  

When you start to realize that living through your past “story” is no longer serving you, you will no longer waste your time, energy and emotions worrying about what other people think about you or what tomorrow will bring.  

When you focus on the past, you are literally pulling energy out of the present moment. And this present moment energy is our highest potential creative energy that we should be using intentionally to create our future.

Here’s an exercise you can try today to change who you are, which will help you intentionally create your future reality;

Every single morning when you wake up, as your brain is slowly transitioning from delta, to theta, to alpha, to beta, allow yourself to sit with your sensitive “being” of emotion and thoughts (rather then jump on your phone) and ask yourself “what type of person do I want to be today?” Think of three things. For example, I want to be kind, generous, and relaxed. What would that feel like physically to be those? If you’re about to go to bed, you can think about what type of person you want to be tomorrow.

For example — My answers are

●     Happy

●     Generous

●     Relaxed

I choose these emotions because for me, they make me think of someone who is totally free, financially abundant, healthy and blessed. Then take time while you wake up (or fall asleep) to feel the emotion of these characteristics. How will it feel to come home after a full day of being happy, generous, and relaxed?!

Remember, focus on the vibration and “trick” your mind into believing you already are feeling/embodying all of these things. The longer you can do this each morning and evening, the better.

Then, use those emotions as a compass for your state of being throughout the day (or the following day.) And remember, for your desires to manifest, you need a clear intention and thoughts and emotions that are coherent to one another. So If I say, “today I am going to be happy, generous, and relaxed,”I’m not going to rock up at the cafe an hour later and be a bitch to the waiter if she accidentally puts cow’s milk in my coffee.  

Be aware, your brain will try to trick you back into old patterns, but it’s when you overcome the temptations to fall into old patterns that you are firing and wiring new signals in your brain. This is evolution.

How do we change the way we feel about something?

Let’s use changing the way we feel about money for this example. The best way to change our beliefs and “programming” around money is to...

1.    Organize our brain waves. When our brain waves are coherent, they’re stable and vibrating at the same frequency as one another.When they’re not coherent, they’re unorganized and not vibrating on the same frequency as the other. It’s like saying one thing but feeling another. It doesn’t feel good to talk about money, then don’t talk about it until it does.

Simply focus more of your time and energy on what does feel good for you. I.e., Your family, a book you’re reading that you love, a deep belly laugh you had with friends over the weekend, etc. These good feeling thoughts and feelings will create more coherence in the brain.

2. No longer react negatively towards money! Break the negative belief patterns you have around money! Be mindful of the words you use and the emotions you feel when you talk or think about money, spending, expenses, etc.For example, some common sayings that I no longer include in my vocabulary are“I can’t afford it” or “I’m too broke.”

3. Live in the present and break your patterns/ programming from the past around money.

4. Make peace with where you are now. What does this mean? Try to surrender more in life and “go with the flow.” For me - words of affirmation help. “I embrace my life exactly as it is. “I love being here. I’m grateful for my life, and I feel at peace with where I am right now. I am where I am. I’m glad I’m here. I’m doing the best that I can right now with what I’ve created for myself. I’m doing the best that I can to manage my money and income at this moment.“  

When you’re appreciative of the money you do have, you’re creating new pathways, which then create a new, positive narrative in your brain around money, which will, of course, create physical changes in your reality around money (like the lemon exercise :) 

A personal note - Currently, in my own life, asa successful network marketer, and someone who is very “tuned into” the network marketing community, I am exposed to many others who are far more successful than me. For some people, the success of others can be triggering. For me, I have learned to remind myself that there is never a competition with others when it comes to money. Jealousy, envy, etc., only slows my progression towards wealth and financial abundance. When other people around me start earning huge bonuses or reaching incredible rank ups, I know that it’s happening to them, but it’s also happening for me. I say that their success is happening “for me,”because in many ways, it is! I am able to witness how it happens, imagine what it feels like, to know that it’s possible, sometimes out of the blue or even unexpected in life, etc. I’ve taught myself (and am continuously reminding myself) to use their experiences to enhance my own!

I’ll say it again, because I want you to leave this blog post feeling clear and confident about what you need to do moving forward.

Manifestation requires …

1.    clear intention

2.     thoughts and emotions that are in alignment with one another

It’s essential to get as clear as possible and describe in detail what you want in your life. Two common ways to do this are by making a list or creating a vision board.

If you desire to create more wealth in your life, think about your desired monthly income. How much is that? How often do you get paid? Don’t forget to include expenses, how much your rent is, how much you want to save, how much you want to donate, and to put aside money for taxes. (We can even be grateful for this, for being able to help improve things like schools, roads, public parks, and more.) Next, Focus on achieving the vibration, not the material objects or the items. So don’t focus on what a big stack of money is going to look like; focus on how you will feel when you have it. What will you feel when you have paid off your student loans or your mortgage? Visualize and imagine what feels exciting and positive for you personally.

Some positive thoughts include:

Love, joy, freedom, pleasure, enthusiasm, happiness, gratitude, empowerment, success, optimism, belief in oneself, positive expectation, and appreciation.

Negative thoughts include:

jealousy, anger, resentment, anxiety, sadness, depression, and rage.

Now, sit with this highly charged emotional experience. You can start by setting a reminder to spend 15 minutes a day focused on this and then move on with your day, implementing some of the small changes we’ve already discussed in this blog. You don’t need to be constantly thinking about something to manifest it. But you do need to start feeling generally better about all of your life, rather than expecting the worst. 

Remember to always be open to creating abundance and receiving new things; new income streams, unexpected checks, or even finding $20 in a pocket.

And most of all, you get what you give. Just like vibration matches like vibration. Money is energy that needs to flow back and forth. Feel good about how much you have to share with others, even if it doesn’t feel like much now.Can you have a friend over for dinner and cook them something special? Maybe you can offer to babysit for a busy parent for two hours so that they can have some time to themselves, or spend a few extra dollars in the tip jar at your favourite cafe this week. If you’re reading this now, on your laptop, you are already better off than millions of people in the world. Appreciate all that you do have and trust deeply in the good things coming.

When you start to do this work and feel excited and empowered, amazing things will happen to you. You’ll be able to look back on your list or your vision boards over time and smile and feel whole body appreciation for all that you’ve created and manifested.

I know with certainty that these practices have brought me to where I am now and will continue to fill my life with health, happiness, and financial abundance.

I hope this has been helpful. I know it’s been long winded. I’m so grateful to every single one of you for wanting to hear what I have to say. I love to surround myself with conversations, people, and environments that support my financial wellbeing! Maybe you can share this article with a friend or family member who may benefit from this information :)  

Trust in the good things coming, show up in the world as the person you desire to be, and expect miracles in your life. If you believe in them, they will come.

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