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Many Lives, Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss

Hello reader, 

Thanks for being here :) This will be my first of many “book blurbs” on my site, as I have felt called to share a more in-depth “recommendation” of favorite books in a more detailed and personal way for years now. 

The book Many Lives, Many Masters is an absolute favorite of mine and truly changed my entire outlook on life and death in a matter of days. 

If anyone I know experiences a “loss” of a loved one, this is the FIRST book I recommend they read (almost immediately) to establish a deeper, more spiritual sense of lasting connection and trust in life after death.

I hope this blurb shares a bit of interesting information for you, the reader, and more importantly, inspires you to track down this incredible book and experience it for yourself, in full :) You can find a link below to purchase a copy on your own, but as always, I recommend checking out your local library or second-hand book shop first. 

Now let’s get into it… 

As a traditional psychotherapist, Ivy League graduate, and the head of a prestigious major hospital, Dr. Brian Weiss had helped hundreds of patients throughout his decades-long career. But Catherine, a young patient of his, was unlike any patient he had worked with previously. 

After a year of traditional therapy, Catherine had made little progress. Speculating that there may be repressed memories obstructing her progress, Dr. Weiss led Catherine into a hypnotic state and asked her to recall her earliest memory.

After recalling a memory of her abuse as a young child, Catherine then went on to describe detailed memories entirely foreign to her life. Tales of being a young Finnish sailor guarding a lighthouse, an Egyptian woman preparing corpses for mummification, a mother sick with the Spanish flu, among others.

Initially astonished and skeptical, Dr. Weiss was fascinated by these stories, so detailed and specific. However, his skepticism eroded when she began to channel messages from “the space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and deceased son. Revelations that were impossible for Catherine to have known

Recalling on her “past-life” traumas seemed to be the key to ending her recurring nightmares, phobias, and anxiety attacks. Catherine’s personal insights into life’s difficult situations helped her uproot these problems. Not only had the regressions proved significant to Catherine, but they also helped in providing insight to Dr. Weiss. Using past-life therapy for the first time, Dr. Weiss was able to heal his patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his career. 

While many religions attempt to answer the question of what lies after death, this book says with certainty that there is something and somewhere beyond death. It asks us to consider what happened before we were born and how we became the person we are today.

After finishing Many Lives Many Masters, I felt more attuned with my faith and personal beliefs about reincarnation and life after death than ever before. Brian Weiss’s book affirmed that we are, in fact, spiritual beings living out a human experience and that every single person, friendship, connection, and experience we live through in life is, in fact, destined to occur.

I was particularly attracted to Catherine’s insights from the “master” guides which were channeled through her during sessions with Dr. Weiss. These few pages were my favorite part of the entire book. I strongly resonated with the teachings she shared on “seven stages of heaven,” essentially where each one of us is granted the opportunity to learn different life lessons throughout individual lifetimes. If we do not, we are reborn again, to learn and grow through the lessons yet again. In order to reach a new “level” in heaven (or “the white space,” as Catherine calls it,) we must successfully live through our life’s challenges and experiences to learn and develop the personal growth that was intended for us in this life. It’s a beautiful reminder to always be easy on myself and view the most challenging obstacles in my life as the greatest teachers. 

Lastly, the concept of groups of people reincarnating together and living adjacent lives in different relationships with each other was most interesting to me. (Which you’ll learn much more about when reading the book yourself.) From Catherine’s experience, her father, in one past life, could have “reincarnated” as a boss, neighbor, or even sister in another life. Many people have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and quickly becoming friends, recognizing something similar in the other. Maybe you've said, “I feel like I’ve known you for years.”

Perhaps, it has been lifetimes.

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