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Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson

Hey reader, 

Thanks for being here :) Welcome to another "book blurbs" on my site, where I share an in-depth "recommendation" of favorite books in a more detailed and personal way. 

The book Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe is an absolute favorite of mine, and I'm so excited to share it with you. It opened my mind to new ideas and ways of communication that had previously been unknown to me. 

As someone who considers themselves a "spiritual" person, I've felt a deep and ongoing connection to loved ones who have transitioned from earth throughout the course of my life. This includes my four grandparents, numerous aunts and uncles, former classmates, a previous romantic partner, and specifically, my mother's adopted older sister, my Aunt Cathy, who I've continued to feel especially connected to since reading this book for the first time, last fall.

Because of "Signs," I now feel that I have not only the awareness but the knowledge on how to strengthen my own spiritual connection to ancestors and guides in my day-to-day life. And I've enjoyed the results of asking for my signs clearly, and the tremendous effect of doing so. Nowadays, hanging with my girlfriends, sitting in a circle, and asking out loud as a group for our own signs is a weekly occurrence.

If you're eager to strengthen your connection to "spirit," contact someone who has left the physical earth realm or simply enjoy lovely and uplifting true stories from others, then this book for you. 

Let's dive in! 

Additional note * If you haven't yet read "Many Lives, Many Masters," a previous book featured on my book reports, you can click here. These two books pair well together. If you're "into" one, you'll most likely love the other. 

Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium, gifted with clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing things instinctively).

She has been quadruple blind tested by scientists to prove her extrasensory powers and has helped hundreds of clients communicate with deceased loved ones who have left their physical bodies and crossed over to "the other side." Although she can channel and communicate messages at will, Mrs. Jackson assures readers that you don't need to be a psychic medium to communicate with people who have crossed. When people die, their soul moves from their body. But they never truly leave the ones they love. One way that they communicate is through signs.

Everyone has the ability to perceive and receive signs. It requires having an open mind (and open heart) and knowing how to pay attention. Laura's book teaches us how to recognize the signs we are already receiving throughout our lives and also how to ask for them. 

Why do people who have crossed send signs?

The people we love who have left their physical bodies will send us signs for many reasons. Just as they would want to communicate something important to you in the physical realm, they have the same desire within the energetic realm. Examples of these signs can let you know that they are here with you to reaffirm a decision you're making or lead you towards the path of greatest light and possibility.

What are these signs?

Signs can be many, many things. 

Sometimes it's hearing a little voice in your head or sensing an intuitive (gut) feeling. 

The most common signs include electronic disturbances, wind or fire movement, seeing coins, butterflies, ladybugs, street signs or license plates, and meaningful number sequences.

How do I ask for a sign from my loved one?

You can create and then ask for a unique sign for everyone who passes. Maybe it has to do with something they loved, such as a purple whale for someone who only wore the color purple and loved to take photos of whales in the wild. Or a double rainbow for someone who used to sing "somewhere over the rainbow" to you when you were a child. The sign can be a specific song, material item or even a favorite quote. Your options are infinite, really. Your sign can be specific, like a four-leaf clover but not impossible, or negative. For example, a jumbo jet landing on your street would not be a good sign to ask for. But you could ask for a paper airplane with writing on it, instead.

Once you've decided what your sign will be and set the intention for it, you essentially ask and then wait. You'll learn more about all of this in the book. So read it if you're interested in more details. The most important piece of advice to remember: You must be open and observant and paying attention.

What do I do when I see my sign?

When you receive your sign, acknowledge it and express gratitude and thanks for that person and this moment. You've now successfully communicated with someone "on the other side." 

I personally feel so confident in my connection to spirit and my angels/guides that I am usually in ongoing communication and conversation with these people in my head (and in my heart.) It's not unusual for me to speak aloud to spirit / my angels on a regular daily basis. I feel a greater sense of faith within myself when I do and also enjoy feeling closely connected to "god." 

Your "angel" on the other side will be stoked that you've received your sign and often prepare to send another. Often, they have been trying to communicate with you for a while. 

I also love to share my "sign" stories with others! I have found that many people believe in life after death and soul journeys but may be hesitant to talk about it with others. By sharing some of my own personal "sign" stories with others, I've inspired some incredible conversations with intelligent people that have altered my life permanently. Feel free to share your sign experiences in the comments below or email me personally with them if you'd like! 

What is the benefit of asking for and observing signs?

To ask for and receive a sign is to know with certainty that our loved ones are still with us. This can offset painful grief and the sense of loss and help to provide meaning to the unthinkable (such as sudden accidents or childhood death). We can ask for help or assurance when we are making a big life decision. Spirit guides and loved ones are there to literally lead us towards the path of greatest happiness and love. We should not let fear dictate our decisions but rather trust ourselves and our connection to a higher power. Free will does exist, and ultimately, I believe that we do get to decide what to make with our lives, but it's empowering and peaceful for me to know that we are never alone on our journey.

I highly recommend Signs, especially if you or someone you know has experienced a loss. Laura is able to explain and break down something that may seem impossible. The book contains fascinating accounts of real-life people and their experience with signs and more details on the process. I'm grateful to have found this book through my close friend, Chloe, who recommended it to me while she was still reading it. The more I practice seeing signs and embodying "open-ness" to spirit and source, the stronger my connections and abilities become.

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