Before I begin, I want to touch base again on the "Not All Water is Created Equal" page and the necessity of maintaining an alkaline body. Since the beginning of the industrial age, man has created over 100,000 unnatural chemical compounds. These have been spewed or spilled into the air we breathe, the soil our plants are grown in, and the water we drink. It all adds up in creased cancer. We now know through science that alkaline cells are healthy, where as acidic cells are disease inflicting. For sources and more information on this topic, please refer to "The Importance of Alkalinity."

In Summer of 2015, I spent two months traveling throughout Bali to study yoga and eat my way through the streets of Indonesia. I was running long distance 5 mornings a week, practicing yoga regularly, beginning to incorporate meditation into my life and eating a plant based vegan diet supplemented with alkaline, mineral rich superfoods such as Spirulina Powder (my favorite brand is "Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica,)  Chlorella Tablets (My favorite brand is "SunFood,") fresh wheatgrass and E3 Live. I was eating a strict plant based vegan diet at this time - loaded with organic fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices, wheatgrass, sprouts, cruciferous leafy greens, probiotics, fermented foods and citrus juice (Especially lemons and lemon juice! Although lemons taste acidic, once they have been fully metabolized within our body, their minerals are dissociated into our bloodstream, and its effect is alkalizing which raises the pH of body tissue. Any pH above pH 7 is considered alkaline.) At this time, I had been consuming a plant based diet religiously for well over a year. I also had been successfully performing enemas from my home once every two weeks for the past 16 months (Enemas are used to gently clean the colon and induce healthy bowel movements, leaving you feeling cleaner, hydrated and healthier. The main purpose of our colon is to absorb water and nutrients from food and remove unnecessary waste and harmful toxins. Over the years, especially when diets are high in processed foods/oil/animal products, the colon walls become encrusted with non-eliminated waste, making it sluggish and inefficient. It is very common for the average adult to have 10 pounds of non eliminated waste stored in their colon.) Enemas are used world wide to successfully cleanse the body of harmful, acidic waste. 

While traveling in Bali, I fell ill with a horrible case of what I believed to be "Bali Belly," (An illness most commonly caused by bacteria in drinking water and exotic food. ) At that time, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Before embarking on my Bali adventure, I had experienced ongoing fatigued, sluggishness, weight gain and lack of energy for the 4-5 months prior. I knew my diet was ultimately “perfect,” so I was so eager to travel to Bali and increase my physical activity through yoga while enjoying a plethora of affordable health foods. I planned to focus on incorporating a healthy routine into my every day life and was determined to leave Bali feeling better than ever before. Once the Bali belly hit in full force, I retreated to a well renowned holistic healing center in Ubud where I was received hydro-colonic therapy (sacred colonics.)

During this time, the specialists who was working with me explained that clear signs indicated my body was highly acidic and hosted unhealthy amounts of candida bacteria. Fully aware of my alkalized, organic vegan diet and lifestyle, he shared with me that the only logical answer was my lack of high quality drinking water. He urged that I immediately research "Kangen Water Machines,” the water ionizers used during our hydro-colonic sessions, when I returned back to the states. Of course, by the time my trip had come to an end, I completely forgot the name of the machine he had recommended and traveled back home to O'ahu and the brita water filter waiting for me in my fridge. Although I had forgotten the name of the machine, I did not forget our conversation together. I was absolutely determined to cleanse my body and pin point a reliable way of living that would ensure lasting health. I spent the next 12 months exerting ALL of my energy on consuming only THE best locally grown and organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods. I tested my body's pH each morning (more on this below,) but was disappointed to see that my urine and saliva were still testing acidic consistently. I continued to supplement, as well as consume raw apple cider vinegar shots and activated charcoal (promotes alkalinity in the body) on a regular basis. I had no idea where I was going wrong. I was spending hundreds of dollars each month on the best quality foods/powders/superfoods, but was completely disregarding the poor quality of my drinking water. 

I traveled back to Bali just 11 months later and returned to the holistic center ready to figure things out once and for all. It was there at the clinic that I was reminded the importance of improving my drinking water at home in Hawaii. I learned that my body was made up of almost 80% water, and by consuming low grade, polluted (and fluorinated) acidic drinking water it was no wonder that my body was displaying the symptoms of an acidic environment - prone to illness, poor immune strength, overgrowth of bacterial yeast, poor sleep patterns etc. I traveled back to Hawaii, researched Kangen machines for the first time and met a friend who was able to guide me in the right direction. After drinking Kangen water from his machine for three weeks consecutively, I was absolutely hooked.

Not only could I no longer bare the taste of the brita water I had been drinking previously, I began to notice immediate physical changes. My energy levels and digestion were noticeably improving after each day drinking Kangen water. I began to feel clear minded, energized upon waking up in the morning, and truly hydrated throughout the day. Once I purchased my own machine (via a payment plan option available through the company,) I witnessed the true miracle.. 

After testing my own acidic pH for more than 1 year, it only took 9 days of drinking Kangen water before my pH levels rose from dangerous, acidic levels of 5.1-5.4 pH to alkaline levels of 7.2-7.3 pH. 

I have tested my pH every single week since since those first 9 days drinking Kangen water and have never once tested acidic since. 

The Second Miracle

 I Learn How to Sleep Again.

1 year ago, If you had asked me “Amelia, Is it normal to wake up 5-6 times throughout the night with a full bladder to use the restroom?” I would have yawned (because I was chronically exhausted,) and proceeded to tell you “Yes. I think it must be normal, because that is what happens to me every single night.” What I did not realize was that I was consuming huge qualities of drinking water that were barely hydrating my body as a whole. I was exhausted, fatigued, moody and lacking in energy for months on end. Each morning I woke up I feeling thirstier and more run down than the day before. I knew (or thought I knew) of the importance of drinking water and maintaining proper hydration, so I drank well over a gallon each day, insisting that I was naturally a thirsty person who’s body was still adjusting to the heat and humidity of Hawaii living. Since living with my Kangen water machine, I have noticed a monumental difference.

Because Kangen is micro-clustered, water molecule sizes are smaller and allow for better penetration though our cell walls. This healing water fights free radicals and flushes out toxins/heavy metals while hydrating my body on a cellular level (Up to 80% Hydration as compared to 20% hydration when drinking tap or bottled water.) Now, my body no longer has to release large amounts of excess water that is not being absorbed by my body through my urine. Essentially, I can drink more Kangen water without having to pee as much. Not only has my water retention weight and bloat noticeably decreased, but I am now proud and excited to tell you that in the course of the past six months I have transitioned from waking up multiple times each (and every single) night, to waking up no more than once - if any at all. Currently, those magical “sleep through the night” nights are clocking in at approx. one night a week. I am working hard with my Kangen machine and manifesting a future filled with these glorious nights. I wake up feeling well rested, refreshed and motivated to enjoy my morning exercise. 

My own Kangen water testimony continues above and beyond the realms of good night's sleep and pH levels (including healthier skin, thicker hair, an easy transition to an environmentally safe and chemical free house hold, an much more.) Currently, both of my parents and my older sister and her family now own a Kangen machine in their home. I look so forward to sharing their personal testimonies in the very near future. But for now, please enjoy testimonies from individuals from around the world who have been blessed with the healing abilities of this sacred medical grade, alkalized ionized drinking water. 

Go with Health. Aloha X





"My twelve year old daughter had a skin disorder on the bottom of her feet and the top of her legs (small red like rash). The dermatologist gave her a prescription for a tube of a steroid cream. She tried the 2.5 Kangen acid instead of putting such a harsh chemical on her skin. After spraying the affected areas a few times a day for two days with the acid water, her skin was soft and completely clear, not a bump to be found! We could not believe our eyes. She now sprays the 2.5 Kangen acid water on all of her cuts, bites and any skin abnormalities. It works like a charm. " - Beverly Cook (Palm Springs)

"We only started drinking Kangen water a little over a week ago. We took the fast track to 9.5 pH. We started at 8.5 pH. Stephan's back hurt for the next three days-- He was detoxifying. His lower back is the weakest part of his anatomy and is where all of the inflammation and pain is when he gets really sick. After the fist three days we went to 9.0 pH. -- Here comes the great part: Stephan had a cancerous mole on his chest that had turned dark and was growing. Then we started on the Kangen water. Within a week, the newest growth to the mole had turned black, shriveled, and fell off. Praise God! This is a visible example of what is going on inside his body. The bad stuff is having a hard time dealing with its new environment. My skin has always been exceptionally dry -- We're talking flaky if you don't drown yourself in lotion. Since I've been drinking the Kangen water there has been a noticeable change in the texture of my skin. I purposely didn't put any lotion on it for that first week to see if there would be any change. There was! My joints seem to be decreasing in pain. I abuse them everyday, so time will tell. " - Stephan & Rhonda Crane


"My name is Eddy. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. In August of 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery twice to have it removed and subsequently it was identified as an aggressive melanoma. The cure rate on this type of cancer was 20%. I also had 16 whole brain radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Six weeks later the tumor grew back and I underwent a third surgery. While recuperating I learned about the health benefits of Kangen water and started drinking the water.

I went to MD Anderson in Houston for another opinion. Upon reviewing the tests they stated that I had six months to live; as well as being told that there were now tumors in other organs and a life threatening blood clot in my stomach. I returned home and continued the regimen of drinking Kangen water and ate as nutritionally as I could. A month later, a CT scan of my body showed no tumors or blood clot! All I can say is I know the Kangen water has helped me unbelievably. I don’t think I would be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen™ water." - Eddie (Kansas)

"I had detected several lumps in one of my breasts, which prompted me to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. After having a mammogram, ultra sound, and MRI, she told me the bad news - it appeared I had stage 2 breast cancer. Weeks later, after consulting with a surgeon, the doctors had some questions and decided to redo the tests... To their complete amazement, when the tests were repeated, all the growths had disappeared! When they questioned me about this and asked if I was doing anything differently, I told them for about three months, I had been drinking at least two quarts of Kangen water daily. My experience is that although most doctors tend to be somewhat skeptical about anything other than pills and surgery, they readily agree that "whatever you're doing, keep doing it of course". There is absolutely no way that I will stop drinking Kangen water. Especially since my other health problems including fibromyalgia, asthma, and acid reflux are no longer apparent and I have stopped taking all medications. I strongly encourage all my friends and loved ones to experience the many benefits of using Kangen water. I love giving them this wonderful water and having then tell me how much better they feel after just a few weeks of drinking it. - Martha Shafarn

This is an email from Maureen Pierce. Her husband has liver cancer. He became immune to the chemo therapy treatment. The doctor has had told him that he should go to UCLA to get a very strong chemo treatment at $10,000.00 per week. He had the cancer for the past 2 years and it has gotten worse. He went off the chemo treatment ENTIRELY for the past 2 months. I got a phone call from Maureen this morning and this is the e-mail. 

"We got the numbers back today, and we have GREAT NEWS! His numbers have gone down from 50 to 35 - AMAZING!!!!! and we honestly attribute it all to the Kangen water!!!! This is one of the HARDEST cancers to combat also! I'm so grateful for that water! " - Maureen & John


"What a "Blessing" that you came into my life last Wednesday when I really needed some help. As you could see, I was in a desperate state. I was so tired of fighting this flu in my body for the last 3 weeks and was going fast into the 4th week. I was so weak, I couldn't stand for any length of time and was struggling just to keep my head up.

All I wanted to do was go home and crawl back into bed. After you gave me Kangen water on Wednesday, I went home and started drinking. No. 1. I was amazed on how smooth it tasted and it felt like silk in my mouth. No. 2. It only took a matter of 20 minutes after drinking a fourth of the water and I had to get up to get a box of kleenex.  I had so much phlegm in my body and it started to come out. No. 3. I was also on the toilet for a third time that day.

The next day, I felt stronger. It was the third day after drinking the kangen water that I felt like the floodgates had opened up in my body and everything started to pour out!!! All day long, I continued to drink this water everyday and didn't feel a big difference until Sunday. That is when I could tell I was feeling stronger, not weak, my head was clear and no cramps in my stomach as I was hungry for the first time in weeks. I LOVE THIS WATER!!! And what it helps my body to do. Thank You so much!!" - Cheryl (Palm Desert)

My name is Franklin. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with Juvenile, Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent). I’ve been drinking Kangen water for 5 weeks and my blood sugars are more stable in the 80 to 140 range. My parents listened to a radio talk show featuring Dr. Dave Carpenter who had a patient with Type 1 diabetes. His patient was able to get completely off insulin after drinking Kangen water for 2 years. His Alpha (eyelet) cells regenerated and produced insulin again when his pH became more alkaline with Kangen water. I know this can happen in my body, too. I also have Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning Autism), which makes it hard for me to stay focused and follow instructions. My teachers and parents can’t believe the radical improvement in my focus and attention span since drinking Kangen water. I didn’t like drinking water before, but I like Kangen water. It tastes good!" - Franklin

 "I have long-suffered with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a perpetual loose stool. I have tried many remedies in the past to alleviate my pain and symptoms and found nothing that would restore my physical functioning. My wife, Lois, and I began drinking Kangen water 3 months ago. After 2 weeks of drinking the water, I was pain free. It even dissolved the fatty tumors I had on my abdomen and torso. I am still pain-free and getting stronger every day!" - Jim

" Even though I eat healthy and exercise regularly, my bad cholesterol (LDL) climbed to 178. My Doctor was ready to put me on a cholesterol-lowering prescription drug with many side effects. I asked my doctor to give me 3 weeks to try something natural (Kangen water). He agreed. After drinking Kangen water for 3 weeks, my LDL plummeted to 135. My doctor said he had never seen cholesterol lower so quickly in a woman! No prescriptions for me!! Yahoo!!" - Lois

"I contracted Hepatitis C several years. My health deteriorated to critical condition and I was on the list for a liver transplant. My doctor told me there were no livers available for transplant which gave me about 18 months to live. I was bedridden when I took my first sip of Kangen water. After 2 days of drinking the water, the whites of my eyes were no longer yellow… they were white again! After 5 weeks of drinking the water I was out rehabbing houses again! Prior to drinking Kangen water, I was on a ridiculous number of prescriptions. I am now 99% free of those medicines! Kangen water gave me my life back!" - Tim 

 "I contracted Hepatitis C from my husband, Tim, 2 years ago. The doctors wanted me to go on interferon, which would keep me mostly bedridden for a year. I prayed for help and God brought Kangen water into our lives. After drinking the water for 3 weeks, my doctor re-tested and found no trace of Hepatitis C in me!! I’m healed!" - Natasha

" As a child I contracted rheumatic fever causing damage to my heart. Three years ago, I noticed I didn’t have enough strength to enjoy my daily walks anymore. The doctor said I needed a pacemaker to keep my heart ticking. Two years and two pacemakers later, my condition was getting weaker as the bottom of my heart had increased in size in comparison to the top of my heart. After three months of drinking Kangen water, test results show that both top and bottom parts of my heart are the same size. I have much more energy and am once again enjoying my daily walks. Even better, I am again out playing basketball with my grandsons. In addition to my heart being healed, the results of my routine Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test decreased from 14 to 11. This is great news, as I will not have to undergo a biopsy in a very tender area. Kangen water has made a very positive difference in my life and I’m going to continue drinking it to realize even more health benefits." - Wes (Overland Park, Kansas)