Told you this lifestyle pertains to so much more than what you eat and why.

Here is a list of some of my favorite man-made, vegan, ethically-sourced, natural, handmade and gorgeous clothes, shoes and cosmetics. Because the fur trade, the leather industry and testing on innocent animals is no walk in the park (or on the runway.) If there is only one message that my webpage can implant in your heart and mind, it is to please think before you do. Not only before you eat, drink or speak, but before you shop as well. By supporting these alternative companies and brands, you are contributing to a world that revolves more around compassion and the rights of both animals and workers, and less around abuse and poor treatment in the workplace. If you are unsure or unconvinced about what I am talking about, please refer back to my "Documentary" write up and watch "Earthlings," or visit www.PETA.com. Have fun with these websites. Check out new styles, make wish lists and remember that every outfit, accessory and beauty product you buy can either represent equal rights and compassion, or it can not. Heres to shopping sprees with a purpose! 


 NOTE: You can easily find other vegan clothes are more common and popular retailers around the world! When shopping, always make it a priority to read tags and labels, usually located on the inside lining of clothes, or the tongue/heel of shoes and boots. Make sure to avoid articles that contain "leather, suede, angora, wool, cashmere, snake-skin, camel hair, alpaca, alligator, silk and kangaroo (..I wish I was joking) And feel free to purchase clothes made with cotton, polyester, man-made leather, all man-made materials, linen, nylon, denim, microfiber and acrylic!)


If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn’t done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit’s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and ask him if it hurts.