It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

The most important investment you can make is the time you spend engaging your mind and expanding your personal knowledge. These books, blogs, articles, webpages and videos have brought so much light and information into my life. I have read, watched, clicked on and scrolled through each and everyone of these sources and feel so whole-heartedly stoked about sharing them with you. 

Some of these authors, web-designers, life-livers, doctors and bloggers I have met personally, and some I have not (yet.) Many of these books promote certain lifestyles that I follow strictly, while others I do not (follow strictly.) But all of these resources have inspired me to create healthier and more positive changes within my own life. Please share them with your friends, families, lovers and neighbors. Please let me know if you had had a chance to look at these individual links, as well as share other books/blogs/videos that you think I may enjoy. 

I am always open to receiving recommendations and advice from others.

Know that with every page turned, video watched and article read, you are encouraging a more thoughtful and beneficial life for yourself and the community in which you surround yourself. Allow these works to increase the frequencies of your life and engage your mind in ways you have not yet before. 

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For all of the most delicious, satisfying and vibrant meals that you could possible imagine. These chefs inspire me to create healthful dishes that I take pride in sharing with my friends and family. These books have also introduced me to some of my absolute favorite grindz (food) which make up a large majority of my diet here on island. 



These are some of my online "bibles." Some of these websites contain recipes, some information and some health related information and advice. These pages inspire and educate me. How fortunate are we to have the internet as a resource, available at our own fingertips? You can access these sites on the go from both your smart phones and your laptops. And remember, I love hearing back from you all, so if you have any pages or blogs that I have missed, please drop a comment and let me know where to look! Read up my friends! Enjoy these gorgeous websites (Hopefully not as much as mine!)  x