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I started this blog in 2015. I've shared a lot of my story on this platform and many others. Yet I still receive many requests to share more about specific aspects of my lifestyle and career. How I make an income for myself, how I started my at-home business working as a holistic health coach, where I studied alternative medicine and how I became a drugless practitioner take up a bulk portion of these inquiries. Let’s get into the juicy details.

my college education

If you've been following my journey (or reading my blog since 2015,) you may know that I moved to Hawai'i at 19 on a solo journey to attend college at University of Hawai'i. Being entirely truthful and transparent, I had very little desire to attend college. Technically, when I moved to Hawai'i, I was a college transfer student. I had graduated high school 6 months early on Long Island, New York in 2012 and flew to the Seychelles Islands (a string of 115+ islands 1,000 miles off the coast of Madagascar) with a program called GVI for a marine conservation and coral preservation study abroad trip for 5 months. While I was on the islands, I essentially had to choose a college I wanted to attend in the fall and e-mail my mother my decision from a very run-down internet cafe. I had applied to a dozen colleges in Florida where I imagined I would be able to spend my weekends in the keys, scuba diving and snorkeling. I heard back from the schools that had accepted me and made my decision to attend Florida International University for Marine Biology come the fall semester. My mother sent in a final acceptance letter on my behalf and I continued living out my days under the African sun falling in love with ocean conservation and the warm Seychellois waters. 

When it was time to pack my dive gear and damp clothes into my rucksack and leave the Seychelles, I brainstormed every possible solution to my very serious problem - I could not leave this place and fall back into the societal routine. I didn't want to go anywhere else. Not back to America and not to Miami, Florida to attend college either. I was very content with my dark chocolate tanned skin and the small concrete hut on the sea that I had called home for the last five months. College already appeared to be an inconvenience to the flexibility and solace that was my current life situation. 



Unfortunately, as most 18 year old girls with a whopping $16.50 remaining dollars in their saving's accounts do, I flew back home to live with my parents for a few months and enjoy the luxury of rent-free living while I mentally prepared myself for college in the fall. I worked all summer teaching over-priced swim lessons to over-priced families in New York and then flew south to attend my first semester of college in August. When I reflect on the first semester at college, I have difficulty remembering much (which may a lot to do with the excessive partying I involved myself in to distract me from my unfulfilling school work.) I woke up tired, went to class grudgingly, sat in the library struggling to focus on my work, sat on the computer, drank a few cups of coffee every three hours to keep me going and then went home to binge watch some new series on Netflix or go out to some campus party/downtown club. I was so unsatisfied with my life in classes and on campus. The curriculum was un-inspiring and outdated. I struggled to remain passionate and excited about my own life and hobbies. I rarely spent time at the beach, didn't dive for weeks on end and had trouble feeling free to explore my creativity in such a conformed environment. 


By the time winter break finally arrived, I knew I wasn't going to last. I flew home for the holidays and packed as much of my belongings into my suitcase as possible. A "pre-move out" if you will. I sat both of my parents down at our living room table for breakfast one morning (my parents have been divorced and living apart since I was 4 years old, so this required significant effort) and explained to them that college in Miami was no longer serving me. It didn't go over easy, to say the least. By the end of our conversation my tears (which there were many of) and heartfelt justification of why I wanted to leave college seemed to impact my parent’s opinion in my favor. My mom and dad agreed to support me leaving school (and Miami,) as long as I found a new college to attend by the upcoming fall. Wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but felt good enough for me at the time.

So I celebrated New Years in New York and then flew back to Miami by myself to "get in and get out." I hauled a** in that dorm room. Let me tell you. I was in Miami for a total of 48 hours. I packed up every last belonging, de-pinned all 100 posters off my dorm room walls, dropped out of my college courses from the computer with moments left to space and said goodbye to the few friends I had made in Miami. I flew back home to New York immediately and starting working full time while I researched other, (better) college locations. I met up with my high school guidance counselor and asked her if anyone from my high school had attended college in Hawaii? She told me “yes, two surfer boys in the grade above me.” That was good enough information for me. “All I needed to know, Mrs. Ritz” I told her.


I loved my first few years living in Hawai'i. It is, however, quite fragile to speak about in-depth online. Mainly out of respect for the Native Hawaiians who have have experienced so much devastation of their lands and oceans over the last few decades. The islands are seeing tremendous increases in population, tourism and pollution each year, and me promoting my free-spirited move to the islands on such a popular platform doesn't help anyone - and most certainly doesn't help the well-being of the islands, as I've been told time and time again over harsh email and DM messages. 

Once I enrolled full time at UH the college grind started to take its toll on me yet again. I was studying biology, struggling to stay afloat of the school work and uninspired by so much of the curriculum that was being taught to me. I had always been an out of the classroom, hands on learner, and the only thing I was getting my hands on at UH was out-dated, second-hand text books. Although biology and marine conservation were monumental passions of mine, I was beginning to fall in love with nutrition and dietary health on the side - diving into plant based veganism and gobbling up all of the nutrition/self-health books I could get my hands on. Hawai’i supported my healing in this sense tremendously.

changing majors

I swapped my major to Food Science and Human Nutrition and was... disappointed yet again. Plain and simple, the information I was being taught was out-dated and incorrect. To this day, I remember a professor who had her PhD in nutritional science give a two day lecture on why "milk consumption promotes healthy bone growth and cell renewal due to it's high levels of calcium and phosphorus." I think I laughed aloud in the classroom and stood up in my seat to take a generous gulp of my morning green smoothie before stomping out the front door of the lecture hall. I couldn’t believe I was taking out student loans for this. Can you say "government funded brainwashing?” I knew there was another option.  

As the college semesters went on, so did my desire to branch out and experience something different. I was fully consumed by the world of health and wellness by this point. Watching hours of YouTube Videos online each week, listening to audiobooks on plant based health and detoxification, and experimenting with new super foods and raw vegan recipes in my kitchen. I started @SaltSandandSmoothies Instagram account and was hosting free "21 Day Vegan Challenge" groups on facebook to inspire my friends and family back home to be more health-conscious. I also spoke with my best friend, as well as my favorite naturopathic doctor in New York and was referred by both of them to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online school based out of NYC. According to them, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) would support a much more intense and in-depth learning experience for my love of all things healthy and whole. 



So that was it then. I was going to find a way to make this happen. I did my research on IIN and discovered it was (and still is) the largest nutrition school in the world. Through its online learning platform, Integrative Nutrition has provided a global learning experience for over 140,000 students in over 150 countries worldwide. I signed up for a payment plan and enrolled as soon as I possibly could. 

I was still a full time student at UH when I began my schooling with IIN. I would *patiently* sit through lectures and classes on campus and then rush home as soon as possible to sit down and enjoy my IIN coursework and modules online with a cold smoothie in hand. It was my escape, in a sense. College was quickly beginning to feel like that one job you had that you really didn't like, but you were hesitant to quit because you were like "well I already work here, I guess." It was convenient to stay in the flow of classes and campus requirements, but it was not enriching or fulfilling in the slightest.

At Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I felt that the curriculum was fresh, wide spread and unbiased. Their online school provided so much information on food/health regimes/lifestyles/spirituality practices from around the globe. I learned so much about so many world-wide dietary theories and beliefs.


During my year long schooling at IIN I able to connect with class-mates from around the world and work with multiple health professionals both on the phone and over the web. Although I was enrolled at IIN while attending college full time, I (somehow) made it work wonderfully. It was effortless and smooth, because I was excited and eager to experience the outcome of my hard work and desire.

The coursework was flexible and easy to handle for a hyper-motivated Capricorn like myself. It also worked well with my constantly changing schedule. Living in Hawai'i and creating a "set schedule" is borderline impossible. Your day changes with the tropical weather, ocean tides and winter swell. I loved that I could enjoy IIN early in the morning before a hike with friends or late at night after finishing a college assignment. The schooling was modern and adaptable. IIN's curriculum is constantly being updated and advised so new information is being added to modules each month. Once I graduated from IIN, I began coaching immediately (only two clients at first.)


Soon after, I made the very difficult (and emotional, exciting and intuitive) decision to slowly transition away from the University of Hawaii and prepare to leave school upon completing my junior year. I finished the semester and dis-enrolled from university.

It wasn’t an easy announcement for me to share at first, because I loved my time spent at UH and cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not attended college (twice.) This was most certainly not a decision that I rushed into. My parents had worked overtime and on the weekends their entire lives to ensure that we had every opportunity for learning and education that we could have ever asked for. All they ever wanted was to see their three daughters be healthy, happy and college graduates. My mother was the first and only of her five siblings to attend college and my dad has spent hundreds of hours sharing countless stories from his college career/studying abroad and the profound impact it had on his life as an artist and architect. My two older sisters had both graduated college. I was the only member of my immediate family who did not.

That being said, I knew this was the right decision for me to make. I followed my intuition and it led me to this decision. But it wasn’t easy at first. Dropping out of college or …not attending college at all is becoming more and more common in 2019, but five years ago, no one I knew was doing it. I knew my decision wouldn’t be accepted or supported by a majority of my peers and elders, but I chose to move forward anyway. I also began mediating quite regularly at this time (after first learning about breathe work and meditation through IIN.) I took time each evening to simply sit and be with the idea of leaving university once and for all. I tried not to weight the pros and cons so much as I did focus on visualizing how I would feel without the time restraints of a college schedule in my life. I was ready to take this leap.

I knew I wanted to be entirely self employed, self sufficient and financially free. I also knew my certification from IIN would be the catalyst I needed to kickstart this growth and abundance.


After I finished my certification with IIN I was able to begin to generate an income for myself by working with private clients. At 19 years old. Which was stellar. Six years later, and I'm still doing it. Just on a much larger scale now. I spent the last five years offering online, skype, e-mail and in-person consultations. I carried out 6 month - 1 year long programs with over 75 clients from all over the world and was constantly welcoming new clients into my realm of private coaching. Social media (Instagram, Facebook and my website) as well as personal marketing (sharing what I do for a living when people ask me) has allowed me to connect with men, women, families and teenagers from all corners of the globe. I am constantly sharing business cards or inviting friends/family/strangers to check out my blog and website. Creating this website has been an incredible outlet for me to promote my schooling and qualifications as a health coach.

I am excited to share that in the upcoming weeks, I will be hosting my first ever group coaching/mentorship program, inspired by the last five years I spent working with individual health coaching clients. I feel more confident in my abilities as a coach than ever before, and am so excited to take this type of work to a new dimension.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the training I completed with IIN. The final module of the IIN online program is focused primarily on how exactly to begin your coaching business with little to no experience what so ever. Which was perfect for me… who had little to no experience. The school covered all topics that were both helpful and necessary for my success.

  • How to attract your ideal client

  • How to custom create six month long coaching programs for your clients

  • What topics/health histories/questionnaires to complete before moving forward with a client

  • How much to charge

  • How to build your first website or blog

  • How to promote your coaching services online

  • How to make business cards

and so much more..


Almost six years since graduating from IIN and the only word I have to best explain my experience at IIN is gratitude. Integrative Nutrition has allowed me to create a beautiful, unique and fulfilling life for myself. Every single morning when I wake up, I am excited to get busy and get to work. The online school made me feel confident and comfortable knowing that I would be ready to take on clients coming from different backgrounds, health histories and lifestyles. It also instilled other significant values within me - spiritually, emotionally and mentally that supported me as I branded myself online and attracted an audience of hundreds of thousands of souls from around the world to join me on this journey.  

Each day I am thankful for the decision I made. Enrolling at IIN and leaving college were monumental life moments for me. Beautiful and challenging opportunities that allowed me to explore all possible solutions to serve my higher self. What I didn't truly realize at the time, is that the universe is constantly working to benefit you and your desires, always.

 Every intuition, gut feeling or impulse you may feel, every day-dream, desire, vision

honor it

acknowledge it

and move in the direction it leads you.

Will it benefit both your immediate and lasting happiness?

Will it benefit your life's purpose?

Your dreams?

Your desires?

Chances are, it most likely will. 



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