1. "How do you deal with living so far away from your family? Are you close with your parents or siblings?" 

I am in so incredibly in love with my family. Sometimes its not easy being away from there for 6-10 months on end. Sometimes I book last minute airplane tickets to see them on the east coast (or better yet, buy them last minute tickets to fly to me instead.) We make certain that we all see... me at least once a year. My two older sisters and both parents live on the mainland (New York and Colorado) and fortunately for me, they absolutely love visiting the island. Annual extended visits (my mother usually stays for 2-3 months each summer) are a trending theme in my family. Other than that, we talk on the phone, facetime, text, and message one another a few times a week, always. My two sisters and my parents are my four best friends. My sister Shana birthed my nephew, Kainoa in December and my entire life revolves around counting down the days, hours and minutes until I see him next. We also have a group family text going ~6 months strong. Which seems to work wonders for all major life updates and twice daily baby photos. My family knows as well as I do that when I am happiest and most content with my own life, I am a better sister/daughter/friend/confident. So although it is not always easy, living 5,000 miles away is where I am happiest. They support that entirely. 

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2. Favorite places to eat in hawaii? 

Ai Love Nalo (O'ahu)

Beet Box Cafe (O'ahu)

Down to Earth Grocery Stores (Oahu, Maui and Big Island) 

Elephant Thai (O'ahu)

Down Beat Diner (O'ahu)

Eat Healthy (Kauai) 

Anake's Juice Bar (Kauai)

Kalalea Juice Bar (Kauai) 

Choice Health Bar (Maui) 

3. How did you learn about Kangen water? How did you get involved? 

I first learned about Kangen water through a holistic naturopathic doctor in Bali. I was being treated with hydro-colonic therapy and nutrition consultations from him while he helped me to cure my candida. The colonics and enemas were being administered with 9.5 pH kangen water and the nutritionist recommended I look into kangen (alkalized, ionizied, micro-clustered drinking water) after re-assuring me that my diet was adequate and not the contributing factor to my on-going candida struggle. When I returned home to Hawaii, I met a kangen distributor on the island (who later became one of my closest friends) and starting filling up gallons of drinking water at his house each day before investing in my own machine a few weeks later. I bought the machine on a payment plan and practically wiped my account clean to cover the initial down payment at the time. I was 21 years old and entirely sober from alcohol. So a water machine seemed like the best possible gift to give myself that year. I now recognize that that was actually just another example in my life of the rewards that come into fruition when I act out of intuition and trust. 

4. Are you single? 

Ahh the word "single" has always freaked me out a bit. I'd rather someone ask me "are you whole? Are you complete within yourself? Are you invested in the longest relationship you'll ever be in - your relationship with yourself?" "are you fulfilled by the time you spend alone? " "are you your own favorite person?" If so, my answer to that would be ye! Yes I am. Thank you for asking. I am me. I am independent. I am whole on my own. And no, I don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this time. 

5. Favorite place you've ever traveled to? 

The Seychelles Islands. 1,000 miles off the coast of Madagascar. I lived there for five months when I was 18 and the trip changed my life in more ways than I could ever type. I love the Seychelles, and miss the Seychelles, more and more each day. Looking back on photos and journal entries from this trip is one of my favorite things to do. I spent so much time alone on this trip. I spent so much time getting to know myself and identify the type of life I intended to create. I spent so much time under the ocean's surface. 

6. Where are you from originally?

Long Island, New York. I grew up in a small surfing/fishing town called East Hampton by Montauk Point.  

7. Do you meditate? How often? Any tips for beginners? 

Yes! I would love to say that I meditate daily, but more recently I've been meditating ~3-4 times a week while I continue to work on finding balance in my life with work and play (the "entrepreneur juggle struggle" as I like to call it.) If I get sloppy, and skip mediation for a few days - it reflects in many aspects of my life. Meditation is used as a means of transforming and fine tuning the mind for me. I usually sit in silence on the beach down the road or on my living room floor for 15-20 mins. I have a blog post called "how the funk do I meditate" here that is perfect for beginners. I encourage every single person to adopt some type of meditation practice into their life immediately. Even if it is just breathe awareness exercises. 

8. How did you get into painting? Have you always been an artist? 

Both my parents and my two older sisters are incredible artist. My dad is an amazing architect and landscape painter and my mother is the most talented art teacher I've ever known. We didn't grow up with a TV in the house until I was older, so we spent our free time playing with my mom's water color paints or taking easels and canvases down to the beach with my dad to paint and spend time outdoors. Everyone is born an artist. Your form of art just may appear different than mine. Painting, writing, music, sex, cooking, yoga, gardening are all forms of art and expression. Spend the rest of your life exploring as many art forms as you possibly can. 

9. Favorite vegan meal? 

I am obsessed with white-fleshed sweet potatoes. I believe they're called hannah sweet potatoes. I bake one (or two) full potatoes in the oven and then cut it in half once baked to load up with cooked lentils, fresh or steamed greens (usually spinach or kale,)  sauerkraut and cashew cheese. Then I load on avocado, black pepper, fresh herbs (cilantro or green onion) and nutritional yeast. Don't knock it 'till you try it. Seriously. 

10. What's one book that changed your life? 

The Book of Secrets by OSHO. Its about 1,000 pages long and I'll tell you right now, I haven't even come close to finishing it. Each page blows my mind. I usually just open it up on a page my fingers feel drawn towards and start reading from there. It is a lot of information to take in, but I'm discovering that the more I experience my own life, the more his words and doctrines begin to resonate with me. The book is insane. It truly is a book of secrets that can change your existence forever, if you're open to receiving his words. 

11. You have such an incredible group of woman and girlfriends in your life? Do you have any tips for someone looking to make more like-minded friends? 

Do what makes you happy. If your'e passionate about yoga or travel, do more of that and be open to connecting with new people everywhere you go. Make eye contact with woman who walk past you on the street or unroll their pilates mat next to yours. Spark up new conversations. Smile. Be friendly. Be inquisitive. Everyone you meet has something to share with you. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Some of those people may be your new best friend just waiting to meet you. Use websites like facebook and meetup.com to connect with locals in your area. Do what makes you feel most alive and most complete by yourself. Only then can the fulfilling relationships with others begin to flow into your life. 

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12. Hi Amelia! Love that you'r'e so open to speaking about sex and sexuality sister! It is so refreshing to read online. Have you ever shared any blogs on sex? Or your experience having sex for the first time. Love from San Diego! 

Thank you! Female empowerment and sexuality is something I will continue to share more about online as I experience it myself in my own life. I have a blog post called "sex with me" here that discusses hormone-free birth control, vegan condoms, body image, body hair removal and yoni egg exercises that I love. Other than that, I haven't share too much yet. Let's see.. I had sex for the first time at 15 years old with my boyfriend in high school. I grew up with two older sisters so I felt quite mature for my age and was so eager/anxious/curious to experience sex on my own. I remember it was pouring rain outside and we ate oreo cookies in the kitchen after the deed was done (little did I know at the time was that oreo cookies are vegan - so that memory is even more enjoyable to reflect back on now.) The next morning, I felt embarrassed and unsure of my decision. I questioned wether I was too young to have had sex or rushed into it mistakenly. I think I don't think I really felt that way, I just knew I had been told it so many times by parents, teachers and pamphlets at the doctor's office. I now know that everything happened exactly as it was intended to and I acted out of intuition and inquisitiveness, which always serves my higher self. Also, my boyfriend was a total stud and we enjoyed consensual, safe sex for the first time together. And there were vegan cookies involved. Doesn't get much better than that, I'd say. 

13. Aloha! Your photos of the garbage in SE Asia were horrifying! I share them with my students at school with hopes to teach them to become more conscious consumers (and recyclers!) Do you have any tips for those wanting to make a difference?

Yes! Thank you for asking! You can start by supporting companies that are protecting the environment, rather than destroying it. Avoid purchasing as much plastic as you possibly can. Plastic straws, cups, water bottles, to-go containers, food wrapping, products being shipped overseas, glitter, flip flops, tooth brushes, lighters, house hold cleaning products, cosmetics, and single use cutlery. Every dollar you spend is a vote "yes" or "no" for our environment. Voice your concerns to local (or international) companies that are carrying out unethical business practices. Boycott Starbucks Coffee, Jamba Juice, Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Dasani, Johnson & Johnson and other corporations that are shoving manipulative advertising and non biodegrade-able plastics down our throat. Support local businesses that avoid excess packaging/shipping/labeling and research DIY recipes for some of your favorite household products like toothpaste, deodorant or facial toners.

Pack extra mason jars, food containers, cups, straws, shopping bags, bottles and bowls wherever you go. Just like a picnic basket - but without any food (yet.) Keep it in your car and use and abuse the crap out of those re-useable products as you grocery shop and eat out. Also, read this blog post here on sustainable travel and eco-conscious packing lists. It's a good one. One of my favorites, actually. 

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14. Do you have any tips for growing your social media? Your page is so beautiful! Thank you Amelia! 

Sure do! Don't focus on growing. Wether you have 5 followers or 5,000 - make sure the audience you have feels connected to you. Serve yourself and your audience, by sharing what inspires, ignites, and excites you. Its better to have a more engaged and interested audience that actually cares about the message you're sharing, than a massive slew of online "sheep" who follow you because your content is surface level and aesthetically pleasing. Be unique. Be different. Post about topics that make people think. There are billions of people on social media today, find a way to stand out and stand for something greater than yourself. Others online are attracted to people who are passionate and determined to follow their own path in this life. 

15. Your photos are amazing! What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos? 

Mahalo! I shoot with a Cannon EOS 70D with a 18-35 mm F1.8 DC lens  or my iPhone 8. I edit all of my photos on Adobe Lightroom or SnapSeed app. 

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16. Any tips for moving to Hawaii? 

As harsh as this may sound, although this question is by far my most frequently asked, it is my most disliked question. It is a sensitive topic for me to discuss because I know my words on this platform often inspire others to manipulate their lives in order to "follow" mine. Moving to Hawaii was what I needed, when I needed it. I was an avid diver and passionate about studying at university on O'ahu. I moved to the island solo at 19 years old and struggled for months on my own to make it work. I had no car, couldn't afford the high costs of rent and felt isolated with few friends as I struggled with living situations and had difficulty balancing my work and studies. The traffic is out on control these days. The expense of living is sky high. Shopping is expensive as most products being sold are shipped in from over seas. In all honesty, the islands are struggling to stay afloat. Hawaii is not what you think it is. There is more pollution, over population, over-tourism and coral reef destruction than ever before. The beaches are crowded and littered with plastics being left by visitors and washed ashore from the sea. Hotels are expensive, grocery stores are expensive, restaurants are expensive, gasoline is over-priced and landfills have been overfilled for years. Hawaii is becoming more crowded and more tourist-y with each passing week. If you need tips or advice to move to Hawaii, it most likely isn't for you at this time. 

There are so many incredible, cultured, beautiful, secluded and safe cities, countries and islands to visit and experience all around the world. Hawaii was my answer. But it may not be yours. Experience the world. Experience yourself. Find home wherever you go. Act, speak and travel intuitively. Your life will be uniquely beautiful and different than all others. 

17. Any good book suggestions? 

Yes! I have an entire master manifest called "books to take you higher" published here. 

18. What horoscope sign are you? 


19. How did you become a holistic health coach? Any tips or advice to share with others who are interested in becoming one as well? 

Yes! Absolutely. One of my most popular blog posts ever published is called "How to Become a Holistic Health Coach" and it is right.... here. 

20. Do you smoke pot? Or use any cannabis products? 

Yes I do! I've written a thorough blog post on my relationship with marijuana here . I share my recipe for homemade cannabis oil, as well as share "my marijuana story." 

21. Favorite household products you own? 

Oooh. Number one is my Kangen water machine, hands down. Which I discuss here. 

Anespa Shower Filter (more info here.) Which is close #2 favorite household product. 

Aaand my Vitamix Blender (which you can check out here.) Which is a game changer for new veg-heads/vegans who want to take their smoothies, soups, sauces, vegan cheeses, dips and whips to the next level. 

22. I live in Costa Rica and have difficulty finding affordable vegan foods and ingredients in the supermarkets here? Any advice for someone wanting to eat vegan on a budget?

Some of the cheapest (and healthiest!) foods in the world just so happen to be vegan. Rice, beans, lentils, potatoes, oats, quinoa, frozen veggies, fruits and seeds are great staples to have on hand. Avoid the over-priced "designer" vegan foods at all cost. You don't need to spend the money, and often times they're not as healthy (or sustainable) as the whole plant foods. Keep it simple and easy. Buy bulk seasonings such as turmeric, curry powder, paprika or garlic powder and cook meals in large portions to have on hand for the week. I love making big pots of thai curry, indian dahl, vegan chili, brown rice, quinoa salads, stir fries and veggie soup or hearty stew to fuel my body with ingredients that don't cost an arm and a leg. 

23. Favorite dessert? 

Mmmmm. I love 4 large medjool dates cut in half and pitted. Stuffed with a small dollop of almond or cashew butter and then sprinkled with raw cacao nibs or coconut flakes. Stick them in the freezer for 30 mins (or overnight!) and I feel like I'm eating a killer raw vegan dessert from one of those fancy hipster cafes that ...don't exist in my area. 

Also love making Kombucha floats! I pick out a simple (original or ginger flavor) or fruity (lilikoi, guava, lavender or passionfruit) kombucha from the local health food store and pour a tall glass before scooping in a generous portion of coconut bliss ice cream. I love the original coconut flavor the most. Can use any type of non-dairy ice cream! Served in a glass with a metal straw and a spoon for scooping! Its out of this world. 

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24. Any tips for someone interested in becoming a Kangen rep like you?

Yes! Check out this page on my website (and click to watch the video I filmed!) or send me an email to ameliamwhelan@gmail.com below. I'll reply back as soon as possible and send over all of the info. you need! 

25. One place you would love to travel to? Any upcoming trips planned? 

Greece. Morocco. Mentawai Islands. That's three. I could list about four dozen more. I plan to fly to Greece this September with girlfriends and do my first solo trip to the Mentawais this winter. 

26. Tips for someone who is broke and in debt? 

First off, stop using the word "broke." You are not broken. When we use words like this, we are giving our energy and source power to money. You are not broke. You are just not currently identifying with the abundance of wealth and money that is available to you right now in this life. 

Read my blog post called "manifesting money" here and make sure to check out the books I reccomend within it. Especially "Money and the Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks as well as "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. Also, "Think and Grow Rich" by Grant Cordone and "You Are A Badass At Making Money" by Jen Sincero. They will change your relationship with money forever. and ever. you're welcome. 

27. Favorite youtubers? 

I love... Infinite Waters, CarbonNationTV, Ellen Fisher, Claire Michelle, James Aspey, Terence McKenna, Raw Alignment, Conor and Brittany, and Bob Proctor.

28. Have you ever done ayuhuasca? 

Not yet in this lifetime. But I have felt called to do it for the past two years now. If anyone reading this blog has any shamans or plant medicine retreat centers which they feel inspired to share with me, I would love to hear from you. 

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29. Your website is beautiful! Did you make it yourself? What website builder do you use? 

Thank you! I did create the website by myself. It has taken me years and hundreds of hours learning through trial and error. I get about 4 messages a day from people all over the world who have found spelling errors and type-o's on my site. I've adopted the "oh well" mentality as of late. I use Squarespace. I really enjoy it. 

30. Do you believe in god?

I believe in the universe. I believe in a higher power. I believe in meditation. I believe in identifying with your source energy. I believe in myself. I do not affiliate myself with any particular religion. 

31. Your life is so vibrant and rich! How did you create such a beautiful life, home, career and environment for yourself? 

Through meditation, self-discovery, healthy/vibrant plant based foods, good water, spending time alone and using the law of attraction religiously each day at all times. I speak more about the law of attraction here. You'll want to read this and take some notes. Getting clear on exactly what I want, the life I desire for myself, the type of work I wish to carry out and the type of person I want to be at a young age has helped me arrive to where I am now. But I am still working on my own growth, development and greater sense of self each and every day. 

32. Love your vibe Amelia! Just curious, are you bi-sexual or have you ever been with a woman sexually? I rarely see you post about men, and always see you post photos and share stories with beautiful woman in them! Lots of love from Brazil XO

I get asked this question all of the time. Which cracks me up. I admire the inquisitiveness! And am always down to speak openly and freely about sex. I have an out-of-this-world incredible group of woman friends (sisters) who I adore and love. I spend a majority of my time with them. I definitely do not identify as bi-sexual, nor am I sexually attracted to woman at this time in my life. I am very much so attracted to intelligent, adventurous, compassionate and creative men. and a killer vegan pizza. i am sexually attracted to those as well. 

33. how old are you? 

twenty four years young. 

34. What about marriage? Your dream wedding? Do you want to have children? How many? 

At this point in my life, I have a difficult time "believing" in monogamous relationships and bondage to one single person. The idea of ownership with all things - people, animals, land, money etc. - just doesn't sit right with me. I know that as I experience more, my thoughts will continue to evolve and change. I do know that I think love and attachment are two very different things. I believe in wide-spread human connection and love with non expectation for oneself or another. At this time, I have no desire to ever be married. Nor do I feel called to declare my love for one single individual through a paper certification. Love feels best for me when it is untethered and unregulated. 

As for children, yes yes yes. I cannot wait to one day birth babies. And adopt children as well. Both are equally important and exciting to me. 

35. Do you think you will always be vegan? 

Yes. Absolutely. I could never, ever imagine incorporating animal products back into my diet or lifestyle. Why would I? I've never felt happier, healthier, more vibrant or alive since adopting this way of living. Veganism came into my life at the perfect time and I could not have wished for anythign better (or more effective!) I dealt with horrible eczema, skin issues, skin discoloration, poor digestion, candida and various other health ailments throughout my life - a vegan diet alone cured about 90% of that right off the bat. I felt frustrated and angry at first. Disappointed that no doctor or naturopath had recommended this to me earlier. Now I know that I had to experience every hardship, struggle, sick day and bump in the road to make me take veganism seriously when it did come into my life. Also, as a passionate environmentalist and conscious consumer, there is no way I could every justify supporting the meat or dairy industry, which continues to carry out destructive and detrimental damage onto our planet every second of every day. 

If you're considering a vegan diet, but aren't entirely convinced yet, I highly reccomend you watch this video here... or this video here. Neither are gory or graphic :) Just insanely inspiring and thought provoking. 

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36. Do you have any advice for someone who is recently going through a break up? 

Yes. Buy yourself a plane ticket. Sell whatever you have to sell to do that. Better yet, buy a one-way plane ticket. Pack a backpack and visit as many new places as you possibly can. Bring a journal and a pair of running sneakers, or walking shoes, and explore the world. Meet new people. Meet new men. Meet new woman. Become a way radder, more educated and well-traveled version of yourself. You don't have to forget about your emotions, you just have to welcome new ones into your life. 

37. Have you ever done DMT before?

No I haven't! But I am absolutely open to the experience. I've listened to some incredible lectures and podcasts on the subject. 

38. Hey Amelia! Whats your favorite music? I adore every song you feature online! Keep sharing! Love from Portugal! 

Ready for it? A bit scattered and all over the place, but I adore...

Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Armatrading, Tash Sultana, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Tubby Love and Amber Lilly, Trevor Hall, Ziggy Alberts, Rising Appalachia, Alina Baraz, Random Rab, BANKS, Mura Masa, Embrz, Odesza, Flume, Lorde, Willow Smith, Regina Spektor, Kidwaste, Petit Biscuit, Unaver, Chance the Rapper .... a little Drake... some beyonce. Some sacred healing shamanic meditation. You know, whatever's playing on the bluetooth speaker that day. Many of you ask me to share Spotify or SoundCloud playlists, and I would love to - I just haven't prioritized it yet. One day I will. 

39. Hey Amelia! Do you own a car? Or drive much? I usually just see you post about bike riding. Just curious! 

I do own an old, sandy, salty Jeep Cherokee that I ramble around the island from time to time. Traffic is usually pretty miserable in town and gas prices are sky high on an island, so I avoid driving as much as possible. I usually take the car out 4-5x a week to grab a green juice, check the PO Box, enjoy a yoga class or bring my longboard down to the bay. Biking > sitting in my car with non-functional AC any day. 

40. Any advice for a teenage girl just starting to date? Or any tips for making your boyfriend go vegan? Thank you Amelia. Love from Sweden.

Hey sweets! Great Question! My best piece of advice for you is to make sure you give yourself enough time and space to really explore who you are. Dating and connecting with new people is so incredibly fun and exciting in your teens. You'll learn a little bit more about yourself through each relationship you experience, but make certain to never stop prioritizing you above all others. A man or woman will be most attracted to you when they're fascinated by the life you live. If you continue to do what you love doing - regardless of wether or not it is a common hobby, or something that not many other teens your age are interested in, you'll attract people into your life who adore you for you. That's huge. Many people don't realize this until their first failed marriage. Once you've accomplished this, you'll never ever have to change yourself or your lifestyle for another person ever again. This regards your question about your non-vegan boyfriend as well. As you continue to live and thrive on a vegan lifestyle, your babe will see how beautiful you and your lifestyle is. He or she will be fascinated by what you're doing and supportive of you as you focus on your own mind/body/soul. When this happens, you've created the perfect environment for them to feel supported as he or she slowly begins to make dietary/lifestyle changes for himself. Basically, love yourself so much that other people can't help but notice how vibrant and alive you are. Then welcome them in with loving arms and open mind. Hope this helps love! X

41. Coffee or tea?

I haven't drank a cup of coffee in almost 5 years! I used to adore coffee when I first began college. When I enrolled in night classes, It wasn't uncommon for me to drink 2-3 cups a day. Hectic. I remember waking up in bed at night and watching my hands tremble. Overtime, I noticed signs of adrenal fatigue and began to educate myself further on coffee and other acidic foods/drinks. So tea. Tea is my answer to that question. 

42. Whats your favorite smoothie to make these days?

I adore sweet dessert style smoothies. Usually something simple like Frozen Bananas, Spinach, Coconut Water, Cherries, Cacao Powder, Coconut Milk + Medjool dates with a pinch of Cinnamon. If I'm making a green smoothie, it is usually a blend of Kale, Spirulina Powder, Frozen Mango or Blueberries, Bananas, Fresh Lime Juice + 9.5ph Kangen Water. 

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Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.58.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.58.30 PM.png

43. Any health products or supplements youre loving recently?

CBD Oil is my current obsession. I just posted a lengthy blog post on it a few days ago and shared it here. I take it every morning or night before bed. I feel amazing with CBD and found it really easy to incorporate into my daily supplement/superfood routine. 

Also adoring cocoa butter or raw shea butter on my skin at night before I crawl into my bamboo sheets. I am allll about the self-massage and comfortable bedding vibe. 

44. Favorite quote or affirmation?

Hmm.. that's a tricky one. Recently I have loved the quote "Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. " Lao Tzu. Also, this. Shown below. Shared by @losingmytasteforthenightlife

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 3.46.49 PM.png


So nice to chat with you all. All of my love. Stay curious!




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