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Up until a few months ago, I had never really heard of or discussed masculine and feminine energy in this context. I had known of masculine and feminine characteristics, and read these words in books, blogs and texts on spirituality, but never really identified with these dualities on a personal level before.

I was uneducated and unaware of the impact that masculine and feminine energy have on our lives and our every-day thoughts/emotions/actions. And according to the universe, this needed to change, because all energies quickly aligned to bring about new knowledge and inquisitiveness into my life.

I was de-compressing in Bali for a few weeks in April of this year and met a man (who has since become one of my closest friends) who introduced me to masculine and feminine energy from a new perspective. We spoke about the two individual energies and he emphasized the importance of creating and curating the “perfect” balance of the two energies within oneself. The more we spoke, the more I wanted to learn and experience. And so I did.

I've spent the last three months sitting up late at night reading books, blogs and articles and writing lists and journal entries as I begin to dissect and become more aware of my own energetic make up. I feel so called to diving deeper into this type of work right now. Since learning how to identify masculine and feminine energy traits within others (and myself) I have been treating every interaction in my life as a new opportunity for me to experience these energetic dualities within myself and the reflection of myself through others. 

At this point in my life, I believe that I am in a healthy balance between my masculine and feminine energy, a majority of the time. Or maybe its just become much easier for me to identify when I am out of balance within the two. When I do feel that these two energetic beings are not in a harmonious cycle within myself, I recognize that I tend to lean towards being stuck in my masculine energy. When I do not exert enough energy into nurturing myself and investing in my routine of self love and self care, I find myself acting out of ego and emitting a vibration of aggressiveness and impatience.

Usually, I want to get shit done. And I want to get it done now. Essentially, I know I am out of balance between the two energies when the "new yorker" in me comes out. Often times, I over-work myself and fall into a cycle of dominance and need for control. I'll be the first to tell you, its not a pretty sight. I like to blame my Capricorn-ness. But I know better than anyone else, that to remove myself from this hostile masculine environment, I must find ways to restore and rehabilitate my feminine energy. Which is exactly what I speak about in this post.

Writing this blog post has been especially rewarding for me, because the experiences and discussions that went into this blog have allowed me to access a greater sense of self and find easy and direct ways to check in with my own inner balance. Creating this post has reminded me to strive for equilibrium in my life, always. 

I plan to continue to speak on this topic in-depth, but for now, we'll start slow and break it down for anyone who may be unfamiliar to this topic. Any questions, comments or feedback you have is greatly appreciated. I love hearing from you so much.  

To Matt:

Everything we do and think affects the people in our lives and in turn, their reactions affect others. The choices we make for ourselves have far-reaching consequences. Each of us carries within us the capacity to change the world in big and small ways, for better or worse. You've rein-stilled the most important reminder within me. To set about this work, we must embark on a journey of self. You are more devoted to creating this change and encouraging individual self expression than many other's I've come across. You've inspired and enlivened me in immeasurable ways. T

Thank you.




Everything around us is made up of polar opposites. The light. The darkness. The sweet. The salty. The water. The land. The joy. The sadness. The compassion. The hatred. Everything in our existence is a reflection of the dual nature of our universal creator. Everything is masculine and feminine. These dualities of energies are our soul nature. We are bodies of fine tuned, balanced light. We are beings of infinite source energy, composed of both masculine and feminine consciousness. Male and Female. We are created equally. As we are conceived equally. Eastern teachings tell us that the male/female principle of polarity is the driving force of creation that arranged our physical universe and everything that it includes. Including you. Including I. Including we. Our one, whole, etheric body which contains a masculine and feminine consciousness. We can look at our masculine/feminine energy similar to a magnet with two, distinct poles of energy and influence. 

The more time I spend in nature, the more easily I am able to recognize my own imbalance. As well as our collective imbalance. In nature (undisturbed and non-manipulated by man,) everything is in balance, always. In our society, this is not the case. It appears that we have failed to recognize our infinite energetic expression. We have been trained and told time and time again to detach from our own instinctual being. We are living our lives as stories told to us by others. We have allowed ourselves to become dehumanized. disconnected. disrupted. So many of us are out of balance without even being fully aware of it. Many of us are operating on one end of this sacred energetic spectrum, either "stuck" in our masculine or "stuck" in our feminine energy. We are no longer in tune with this internal balance. 

It is only when we are able to achieve balance between these two energies that we are able to complete one, whole energetic being. Embodying your divine feminine energy is the catalyst which helps your divine masculine awaken. We must return to the perfect blend of two twin consciousnesses within the same soul. If you have absolutely no idea what I am speaking about, stay tuned, I'll break these concepts down even further below. 


WHAT IS Masculine and Feminine Energy?

Male and Female energies exist within each one of us. This duality of masculine and feminine energy also exists within the world and all of nature. When I refer to masculine and feminine energy, I am not referring to physical bodies, men vs. women or husband vs. wife. dominant vs. submissive. Masculine and feminine energy refers to our inherent nature and the expression of masculine and feminine creative energies within each one of us. 

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Each one of us, regardless of how we identify contains feminine energy. Feminine energy is your creativity. It is your Yin. Feminine energy is moon energy. If a woman is in her divine feminine energy she will be a catalyst for man to activate his divine masculine. Feminine energy is....








right brain













Which of these TRAITS do you recognize within yourself? 



 Each one of us consists of masculine energy, regardless of how we identify.

Masculine energy is structure based. Masculine energy is your Yang. It is a native force. It is sun energy. If a man is in his divine masculine energy he will help the woman develop the divine feminine energy within herself. 

Masculine energy is ...











left brain  







Build on a foundation.

Which of these TRAITS do you recognize within yourself?


To be in tune with your masculinity, you must stand for something. Wether it is standing up for yourself. Stand for your beliefs. Stands for what you accept as your truth. Masculinity is developed when we are protecting and serving. Masculine energy is a powerful support system. When a man can learn how to express emotion - which is energy in motion - and follow through with these feelings, he’ll be tapping into both his feminine and masculine being. 

When we operate primarily from our masculine side, (out of balance) we act out of ego. We may feel tired, stressed, overworked or unloved as a result of this imbalance. When this happens, we often feel as though we are moving through our life on autopilot, too much in our heads and not enough in our bodies or we feel we are experiencing a lack of intimacy in our lives, we must find ways to re-fuel our feminine energy. This is crucial. (I share particular ways to tap into your feminine energy below.)

If you feel as though you are trapped in your masculine energy, you must calm down. Slow down. Remind others (and yourself) to protect and serve your mind and body. To tap into your divine masculine energy you must find ways to serve your community, your family and most importantly, serve yourself. This is crucial. You must guide others to their higher nature, but you can only do this once you have filled your being with as much light, self-love, health, happiness and genuine expression as you possibly can. I like to think of it in terms as simple as a passenger on an airplane during turbulence or change in pressure. Only once we've situated our own breathing mask are we able to best contribute to the safety and well-being of others around us. 

Questions you can ask yourself to check in with your own masculine energy are... 

What am I standing for?

What am I contributing to?

Do my everyday actions align with my moral compass?

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1. Do Something Competitive

In nature, we observe that males often fight each other, flaunt their beauty, and use their calls to compete. Humans are no different. Competition is where your masculine traits step up to the plate. If you are someone who is not generally competitive, ask a friend to help you out. Some ideas may be:

  • Play a game or sports or join a community sports team

  • Set an aggressive goal for yourself at the gym

  • Set an aggressive goal for yourself at work

  • Host a community cook-off at your house and invite friends to participate and judge (the cook-off, not you.)

  • Compete in a dance battle

  • Compete in a race

2. Construct a Project

The mathematical and logical mind is a masculine trait. By constructing and completing a project, you are utilizing your left brain and the structured/organized/concrete aspects of your own masculine energy.The project can be anything, essentially. You can build a garden box in your backyard (and then fill it with soil, fertilizer and seeds,) or paint your bedroom or porch with a fresh coat of paint. You can set off to go camping, pitch a tent, build a fire and cook dinner under the stars. It doesn't matter what you do, but rather how you do it. The goal is to be be consistent. Set time aside each day or week until the project is 100% complete.

3. Test Physical Strength

Testing physical strength is a small act of masculinity you can carry out in each day. You don't need to hit the gym or cycle 25 miles to spark your own masculine energy. Some suggestions for testing your own strength are..

  • Learn how to surf or paddle board

  • Begin incorporating inversions into your yoga practice

  • Offer to help a friend who is moving transport heavy boxes from their home

  • Rearrange your space (push all of that heavy furniture from one side of the apartment to the other) to give your home a new look

  • Meditate for your solar plexus chakra (more on this below..)


By Michelle Kirsch

Your Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra is the third Chakra located in your abdomen, above your belly button. It is the energy center responsible for personal power, self-esteem and confidence.

Place your hands over your stomach. Imagine your Solar Plexus Chakra as a ball of yellow light glowing in your abdomen. With each breath, imagine yellow light entering your body and going straight to this area, making it glow even brighter. As your Solar Plexus begins to radiate, your confidence and personal power will become stronger.

Now imagine the yellow light from your Solar Plexus begins to spread throughout your body. Every muscle and every cell is being wrapped in this warm, glowing yellow light. Feel yourself becoming more and more empowered.

Now imagine making that big decision or taking the action that you would like to take. Imagine yourself acting and speaking with confidence and self-assurance. Imagine the positive result that comes from taking this action. Hold this moment and focus on really feeling the emotions in your body.

Slowly, bring your awareness back to the present moment. Take a few deep breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes.

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HOW TO WelcomE IN the Feminine ENERGY

 1. Give Intuition the Wheel

Honoring your Intuition is a powerful way to welcome in your feminine energy. As society, we have been trained to use our analytical mind (masculine) rather than our intuitive mind (feminine). This is something we must correct. Your intuition is your inner guide and your powerhouse for individualized, instinctual decision making. Your intuition is never wrong. Many of us struggle to accept this truth. Our intuition always reconnects us to our higher-self and is always aware of the things that your basic human senses cannot always detect. To welcome in feminine energy, we can practice following our gut instincts, and take notes (or even journal entries) of where it leads you. I strongly encourae all of my clients (and my self/friends/family) to record what blessings, experiences and lessons learned you gather along the way. Deepak Chopra says that "The more you build this muscle the stronger it will become." I love that. 

2. Nurture

Every single one of us craves to be nurtured and to nurture others. Fortunately for those who desire to spark new feminine energy in their life, one of the strongest female trait is to nurture yourself and your life. This can be done in an abundance of ways. You can nurture almost anything. Animals, friends, family, plants, nature and yourself. The ability to nurture oneself and other is an inner strength that can be expressed in various forms:

  • Encourage yourself. Think, speak and act positively towards yourself

  • Adopt a self care routine. Spend time each day doing gentle acts of care for yourself. Wash your face, massage on essential oils, use a salt scrub, make your favorite superfood smoothie, rub coconut oil on your body after a hot shower or dance at home to your favorite music.

  • Touch. This is a key. Find as many opportunities as you can each day to kiss, hug, massage, tickle, cuddles, massage, high five or even pat on the back.

  • Nurture others. Support your friends, share advice, listen, utilize your own experiences and resource-fullness to better someone else's situation.

  • Be a vessel of positive energy for yourself and those around you.

3. Create A PIECE OF Art

The side of your brain responsible for creativity can be found in the right brain, which is your feminine side. To utilize this energy, you must be creative. Paint a canvas, make jewelry, make music, learn oragami, experiment with watercolors, draw with charcoal. This list goes on. Your personality and experiences can be expressed in countless renditions of art. Have fun, try something new, and all while releasing any thoughts of the end result.

4. Welcome Emotions

Unfortunately, our society has brainwashed us to believe that people who express their emotions are weak, overly-sensitive, immature or powerless. This is so far from the truth.

 These ideals and beliefs can leave a large, negative impact. Being aware of your emotions is the catalyst that brings about great balance of masculine and feminine energy in your life.

We can access a greater awareness of our emotions when we create a safe space for ourself to feel. Allow yourself to act in alignment with how you are feeling in the present moment. Laugh, cry, feel joy, feel fear, feel excitement, feel anger. Embody your feelings by expressing them in your own ways. 


 To achieve this connection to divine feminine energy, a woman (or man) must express herself authentically. She must embody how she truly feels and identify with what she wants as an individual being. She (or he) must come to these truths on her own. We can do this through meditation, personal development, self love, life experience, time spent alone and time spent re-connecting with our intuition. We must do this without society telling her how or why she should feel or desire something. We can tune in with our feminine energy by expressing our sexual expression as well. Walk your own path. Live your own story. When a woman is supporting herself (and other woman) without judgement or assumption, she is awakening her diving feminine. Whatever you may desire in a relationship or sexual connection, is what is right for YOU. Your sexual wants, needs, desires and fantasies should be unique to you and different than your friend's or partners. We are constantly evolving, as all things in nature are. Recognize this truth. Be more open minded. Surrender. Move back to your heart space. Remove gossip and surface level conversation from your life. Honor your intuition. Embody this feminine divinity.  Embody playfulness. Embody intimacy. Cultivate love and sexual connection in ways that serve your highest self. 

Questions you can ask yourself to check in with your own FEMININE energy are... 






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