Widespread violence, international war, Inequality of classes, Inequality of sexes, Inequality of sexual identification, our economy, our government, the environment, the aggression and the hatred.

Our world is suffering.

Yet, so many of us are constantly voicing concerns of powerlessness. Or rather, voicing their desire to make a difference and bring about positive, lasting change in this world.

In my opinion, the most dire and immediate change we must bring about is the change of our perceptions about the world and those who reside on it - among us. When it comes to morality, we are so seriously confused and conflicted.

Essentially, what we do onto others, we do onto ourselves.

As a species, we continue to inflict pain, suffering, violence, discrimination, abuse and death on other living entities each and every single second of each and every single day. We blatantly ignore the fact that ALL earthlings on this planet have intuition, intelligence, feelings, mother-child relationships, and, most importantly, a divine purpose in this life.

If we continue to live, act and consume the way we are currently, we can rest assured there will never truly be peace for ALL in the world. We can continue to expect the constant articles and news reports of murder, violence, ongoing war, aggression, torture, sadism and rape to appear (like clockwork) on our timelines.

Please, open your heart, your soul and your mind to a greater appreciation of this earth. To nature. To ALL living beings. To our brothers and our sisters, and to those who are may not be our own brothers or sisters, but are someone else's. Change the choices that YOU make on a daily basis, and in so, change the universe for the greater good of ALL concerned.

‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ but what does "ALL" entail to you?