The art of bringing a thought form from an energetic state to the point of materializing in one’s present reality is dependent on energy, attitude and attention.

Define what exactly it is that you desire in the new year. Where our attention goes, the universal energy for manifestation flows. Write a list. Check it twice. Be specific.

Have faith that every single resolution on your list will be accomplished in the upcoming year. Read it over. Take a photo of it. Write it again. Read it again.





IN 2017...

I will spend my first ever full year living on the north shore of Kauai (which has been a dream of mine for the past decade)

I will complete writing and self publish my very first book

I will run my fourth marathon here in Hawaii

I will advance my yoga and meditation practice

I will buy my father and both of my sisters Kangen water machines

I will celebrate my fourth year thriving on a plant based vegan lifestyle (as well as my fourth year free of all medications/prescription drugs/birth control!)

I will create more meaningful relationships with authentic and awakened individuals. 

I will be more environmentally conscious and sustainable than ever before - eliminating all chemical products from our house hold and composting/gardening on a daily basis (we're so close to being there already!)

I will save over 350 animal's lives (which technically I've been doing for years, but is still pretty bad ass and worth mentioning if you ask me)

I will travel to Greece for the first time

I will buy myself an Anespa shower filter

I will become an actual auntie - manifesting that my older sister and her husband have their first baby.

I will spend hundreds of hours working with clients around the world by spreading the message of holistic health and alternative medicine

I will publish more - including content online, blog posts, plant based recipes and photographs of my journey throughout the year. 

I will live free from materialistic stress and financial burden. 

I will make more money in the upcoming year than I have made ever before

I will be healthier, happier and more conscious in 2017.



I asked 50,000 of you to graciously share your 2017 New Year's Resolutions with me. Mahalo to the many of you who felt inspired to share. Here are your resolutions. 

I will be a more conscious consumer.
— Tom
In 2017 I will attract a romantic relationship with a woman who is kind, educated, healthy and in love with herself
— Alex A.
In the New Year I will further embrace my quirkiness. I will get out of my head and into the world; less ego, more self. By embracing more of myself, I will have more time to focus on staying present in my daily life. I also know that this awareness I will culminate in the New Year will allow me to accomplish many goals such as staying focused and organized, being more self-confident, as well as being more intuitive and compassionate towards others.
— Kerry
In 2017 I will break up with my boyfriend and tell him that I am gay.

I will celebrate my sexuality and give thanks for the body/spirit/soul god has gifted me.
— Annonymous
This will be the year I invest in a Kangen machine.

I will help my father with his chronic headaches and help my mother loose weight.

I will apply for a job in San Fransisco and be overjoyed when I move to California to pursue my passions in graphic design.
— Todd
I will believe in myself.
I will believe in my spouse.
I will believe in our marriage.
— Derrek
This year I will travel to







and Costa Rica.
All of the places my brother and I dreamed about traveling to before his death. I will go to these places and I will bring my brother with me.
— Jack H.
In 2017, it is my goal to let go of ‘bad’ or ‘good’ days, to live in the present and be more grateful. I also want to continue to be vegan, and transition to a fully raw diet.

I have made a lot of progress since going vegan 2 years ago, and a lot of that is thanks to your site. So thank you Amelia, I hope 2017 is our best year yet!
— Alaina B.
My resolution for 2017 is to conceive our first child. We will have a healthy, easy, and smooth pregnancy that will give us a ridiculously cute, chubby, happy, vegan baby.

My resolution is to make 2017 the year when I perfect my plant based diet and give my body everything it needs to thrive. This will be the healthiest and happiest year for my family. We will all focus on sticking with a vegan lifestyle, encouraging others to adopt one, and alkalize our diets to fight off disease and sickness.

My resolution in 2017 is to spend more time in person with my sisters. When we are apart, I will remind myself that even though we are spread out across the country, we are all happy, healthy and will always have each other.

In 2017, I will rediscover my love of running again and lead by example when encouraging my husband and family to make exercise part of our daily lives.

My resolution for 2017 is to finish my first year of teaching feeling that it was a success, being energized for the next 20-something years of teaching, and to be heading off for a summer of traveling.

In 2017, I will graduate with my Masters in Teaching.

I will finish renovating our house. We will have enough equity on it to be able to take my in-laws name off of our loan.

My resolution for 2017 is to continue making my marriage a priority and for my husband and I to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage and 10th year of sharing our lives together, still madly in love.

In 2017, my husband will graduate with his bachelors degree, and begin in a career path where he is happy, enjoys his work, and has a positive impact in the world. He will earn a salary that allows our family to be comfortable, save for our future, and continue to travel.

In 2017, I will continue being happy and grateful for all the good in my life, and for all the good things coming.
— Annonymous
I will start my first organic vegetable garden!
I will drink a gallon of kangen water every single day! I will take time to test my pH. I will heavy metal cleanse. I will continue to work with my psychologist. I will begin to work with a personal trainer. I will see improvements in myself with each passing day.
— Liam
In the new year I will be vegan!

I will celebrate a new shift in my life - full of health, consciousness and compassion for ALL living beings.
— Karen
My new year resolution is to be more patient
more loving
more expressive
more generous
— Annonymous
In 2017 I will attract the partner of my dreams that I have been visualizing for the past three years. I will attract a relationship based on honesty and compassion for one another. I will feel comfortable with myself and with my partner in this relationship. I will spend my time with someone who is nurturing, strong, passionate, devoted, inspiring and inspired. I will fall in love with myself. I will fall in love with my partner.
— Francesca T.
In 2017 I want to be okay with being single and focus on my personal goals. In that way love will just come when it needs to
— Sofie D.
Expand my mind and not be closed off to religious ideas, but instead actively learn why people are religious and how it benefits them in their ritual practice.

To not just close people off.

To want less.
— Annonymous
I will not be in the power of another. My power will flow freely. I will be free to live my happiest and best unrestrained life. I will let go of negativity and project gratitude.
— Kailyn
Step out of my comfort zone as frequently as possible. Travel outside of the country. Become more calm and patient. Express more love and gratitude.
— Dev
Spend less time on technology and more time in the real world. To be productive and become more confident.
— Aneira
In 2017 I will donate 1/2 of my belongings. I have already started dividng the boxes and going through my closet. 50% of my clutter - to create space for new blessings.

This year I will celebrate my 50th birthday and will own less than I have ever before.

I will own less.

I will celebrate more.
— Kara
This 2017 I would like to travel more, finish my ebook and practice having more gratitude for everything in life
— Ashley
I will watch more TedTalks in 2017! You always watch TedTalks and listen to podcasts and I am so inspired by that! I will watch Ted Talks and I will share them on facebook so that I may one day do the same.
— Robert W,
In 2017 I will drink Spirulina tea every. single. day.

I mean that.
That sh*t changes my life.
Every. Single. Day.
— Harper
I want to continue to explore myself and the world in which I live. I want to make new friendships and grow the ones I have now. I want to stay calm and keep meditating throughout all the challenges life throws at me! Thank you for this!
— Maddie
In 2017 I will share myself physically with my partner for the first time. This is something I have hesitated to do for many years. 2017 will be the year that I express myself in new ways and make personal decisions for myself based on my own intuition and comfort - rather than be influenced by my family and others around me.
— Anonymous
Good health - physical! Build and develop new friendships that suit where I currently am in life. Find my passion.

I will also be manifesting Kangen water into my life... (I’m completely new to vision boards, gratitude, manifestation... So wish me luck. 2017 is all about goals for me).
— Dana
I will be a better parent.

I will spend more time watching and admiring my children.

I will learn from them and focus less on teaching them.

I will acknowledge my children as their own individual self, rather than the ideal child my wife and I have been trying to mold.
— Hannah
I want to use this year to focus on one aspect of the environment and help make it better. By that I want to use man made plastic in the ocean and reuse them into something else maybe frisbee
— Nainoa
I really want to lose weight and be more outgoing.
— Zoe S.
To be more aware of others and to get more involved in yoga/healthy living.
— Tiffany
I want to make more time for creativity.
— Jessica
I will rise above the hatred and negativity that surrounds me in my home environment.
— Annonymous
In 2017 I will sing in front of others.

I will cut my hair short - even though I’ve been afraid to ever since my ex boyfriend told me it would make me look “manly”

I will grocery shop and cook more meals at home.

I will put $100 away each week to save for travel, massages, sight seeing and exotic food. And I won’t be afraid to tell others what I am doing.

I will stretch more and incorporate meditation into my life for the first time. Thank you for inspiring me Amelia.
— Talia U.
To be more patient.

To be more kind.
— Annonymous
This year I will end all relationships in my life that are not continuously serving me.

I will prioritize my own happiness so that I am able to be the best version of myself - for my siblings, friends, lover and parents.
— Naomi R.
in 2017 I will hike to the top of Mount Everest. I have been preparing for almost six years.

I will finally quit my job and leave the unhealty work environment that I have resented for the past 24 months.

I will marry the woman of my dreams.

I will reconnect with my sister and her three children.

I will take time each week give thanks for the blessing in my life.
— Joel E.
To express my sexuality more.

To embody confidence and creativity.

To always time a moment and think before I speak.
— Dylan K.
This year will be ALL about my health. Amelia, You have inspired me to juice and focus my diet on whole foods and high quality water. This year I will juice 3 mornings a week (if not more,) and purchase a kangen water machine for my home. I also wish to bring juice to my neighbors each week and invest in a kangen machine for my father with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This year I will better my health for the rest of my life
— Jaime I.
This year I am going to adopt a pet. I have spoken about it for years but have never committed to signing the paperwork at the shelter. This year I will bring home a new animal companion and show my children the importance of compassion towards animals and beings that are different than we.
— Jocelyn T.
I want to make enough money this year to pay my parents back for the four years of college they put me through ten years ago. I want to pay them back entirely and then buy them a trip to Italy for their anniversary. So that my father can reconnect with his family and my mother can leave the US for the first time in her life.
— George
Read atleast 12 books.

Volunteer at the animal shelter.

Make blessing bags for the homeless.
— Emily
Spend more time outdoors.

Finish the books on the bookshelf in my bed room.

Cook myself a meal at least once a day, every single day.

Buy a kangen water machine for myself and my children.
— Emily S.
My 2017 manifestations are

a new apartment. F*ck that a new HOUSE.

a new salary. Or a raise - a really big raise.

no more medication for my anxiety. I will learn how to deal with my anxiety through mindfullness and alternative medicine.

a new health regime.

a new and improved work
— Corrine
Follow my dream

Attend college in Hawaii in the fall
— Annonymous
I will stop drinking alcohol in 2017. Actually I started three weeks ago. I will be 100% sober in 2017
— Annoynmous
Read before bed

Find balance in my work and personal life

Start a daily journal to keep myself accountable for my actions and goals
— Jessalyn
To be a more conscious parent.
— Seeley W.
Practice yoga daily to become confident enough to teach!
— Holly
Be open to love. To giving it and receiving it

Broaden my education in areas that i have a passion for (conservation, ecology, veganism and animals)

Downsize. Live with what i only need (minimalist)

Travel to different places that i have a connection with

Make my body stronger inside and out (yoga and mediation)

Find what i love to do and do it for the rest of my life
— Grace T.
I will go VEGAN! I am so excited. I have actually started today. So that I can practice and when Sunday comes I will already be 3 days vegan!

Thank YOU for all of your knowledge, inspirationan and motivation. You have been such a light in my life.

I will also bike more. I would love to be able to bike to and from work each day. so
— Malia
I will save my soul.
— Annonymous
In 2017 I will give money to every single homeless person I see. Even if it is only a few coins.
I will give more money.
I will receive more money.
— Paul K.
I will adopt a faith
— Susanna
I will spend more time taking care of myself.

Not my children.

Not my parents.

Not my partner.

Not my boss.

I will take care of myself.
— Emily
Make a real effort to eliminate all oil from my diet including cooking oils
Stop eating out so much. Limit it to only special occasions
Make conscious choices in who I surround myself with
Limit drinking alcohol to only once a month or less
Scuba dive more often
Spend less time on social media
— Jenna M.
I will travel to the mainland and leave hawaii for the first time in my life.

I will try my hardest to be open minded and accepting of other’s ideas.

I will speak up for myself.

I will save money and be able to relieve some of the financial stress in my life.
— Moana
I will finally earn the raise I have been working for for ten months at my job.
I will reconnect with my brother and finally apologize for my actions.
My boyfriend will propose to me.
I will be married in 2017
— Alexa
We will learn how to do acro yoga in 2017

We will learn how to cook authentic ethiopian food.

We will learn each other’s love languages and spend more time communicating with one another.

We will learn how to teach others what we have learned.
— J and Elania
I will come out to my parents and my older brother.

I will enlist in the armed forces.

I will tell my parents that I do not want to go to college in the fall.

I will start dating the man of my dreams.
— Luke
I will adopt a plant based lifestyle.

I will serve as a positve example for my wife and our four children.

I will spend more time preparing healthy food for myself and my family.

I will learn how to grow my own vegetables and herbs.

I will learn to grow flowers for my wife.

I will teach my children about the importance of whole foods and natural, sustainable lifestyles.
— Alex J.
I will earn my first ever six figure salary in 2017.

My bank account and I are so very ready.
— Lola
Run a 10K. I’ve run 5/10Ks before, but I want to get back to running consistently without pain and knee injuries.

No chips or crackers. I want to stop eating processed chips and crackers for one year! This is going to be hard.

Do yoga/stretch consistently. I’m bad about sticking with this one because I prefer more cardio-intensive workouts but I want to start doing yoga regularly/all the time to help my knee and hip injuries, and my mind.
- Do a handstand.
- Do the splits.
- Go on a yoga retreat.

Go raw for one week.

Track what I eat every day. I’ve been doing this informally since 2015.

Read 2+ books a month.

Take classes to learn more.

Be more patient.

Say yes more… or to everything.

Volunteer in my community.

Document my year through photos/videos.
— Stephanie G.
In 2017 I will drop out of university.
— Tatum D.
This year I will complete my fifth year of college at University of Florida and graduate.

I will graduate with mention on the dean’s list.

I will move off campus and get my first “real” job in New York City.

My parents will be more proud of me then they have ever been before.
— Annoynmous
Make $500,00.

Start a savings account for my children.

Help my parents pay off their mortgage.

Help myself pay off my own mortgage.

Travel to Europe.

Donate time and financial support to my church and local humane society.
— Annonymous
I will learn more this year and manifest my own happiness.
I will pass all of my papers and graduate university.
I will make positive steps to minimising my carbon footprint.
I will care for this earth like it cares for me.
I will tell those I love that I love them more often (including myself).
— Kate A.
I will learn more about my culture.
— Honesty L.
I will experiment in the kitchen and cook/prepare every single one of your recipes Amelia!

I will share the gift of health with my sisters and step daughter.

I will be healthier and stronger then I was last year.
— Brooke
2017 will be my first ever year vegan! Thank you Amelia! You inspire so many of us to pay more attention to our actions and those action’s consequences.

I will be healthy and finally loose the weight.
I will hire you as my personal holistic health advisor.
I will educate myself on superfoods, meditation and clean drinking water.
I will overcome my binge eating disorder.
I will overcome my sleep disorder.
I am so ready for 2017 to be the most healing year of my life.
— Christa
I will travel to Japan and meet my mother’s extended family for the first time.

I will count my blessings always.
— Lee
I will earn enough money this year to buy a home in California for myself and my wife.

I will earn enough money to travel as I please.

I will earn enough money to no longer have to worry about bills and rent.
— Kyle
I want to make a vegan instagram.
— Jenna
In 2017 I will always find the light.

I will open my current situation to attract new success and learning.

I will be authentic to my spirit and soul.

I will be more awakened and aligned with my inner morals.
— Gabriella
I will open and run my first health food grocery store!
— James
I will forgive my father for the pain he has caused me. I will forgive my mother. I will forgive my older brother. I will forgive myself.
— Annoynous
A Fully healed healthy body
A book full of wisdom and soul to help heal humanity
A movement of people healing themselves
A start to ending all child abuse on the planet
A holistic healing centre, fueled by love that rebuilds the broken from the inside out .
An organic health food cafe “compassion cafe”
Global travel
And ..... A gentleman to share the above with ..... Only when my soul is complete enough on it’s own will he join me
— Sarah



Manifestations come about when you affirm your thoughts and goals from a place of a confidence and abundance.
I have SO much to be grateful for.

What will you be manifesting in the new year?