“Digging for gold” appears to be the theme of my winter 2017. I left my home in Hawai’i for a few weeks to chase the changing fall leafs on the mainland and spend the holidays with my beautiful family. Before embarking on my mainland voyage, I enjoyed as many golden-hour sunset sessions at my favorite beach down the road and soaked my skin in as much sunshine as possible to maintain any trace of golden beach glow before my long distance travels. Since flying to the chilly east coast, I have taken time each day to enjoy a warm and grounding beverage before breakfast. This simple, healing anti-inflammatory milk is my absolute favorite. 

Golden Milk (or Golden “Mylk” for the plant-based peeps) is a creamy, comforting, dairy-free, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, spiced hot milk drink that’s filled to the brim with nutrients and minerals. This is the perfect caffeine-free coffee or tea alternative to begin your day with an adrenal gland boost. It is also a delicious winter time afternoon pick-me-up when you’re in need of something rich or sweet. 

For those of you lucky enough to enjoy your holiday season in the tropics, I've made sure to include my favorite golden smoothie recipe. It is one of my favorite summer time favorites and is the perefect meal to bring with you on your next beach or out door adventure. 

Before we dive into these recipes, there are a few tricks of the turmeric elixir trade I’d like to share with you. Most golden milk recipes call for a plant based oil to emulsify and thicken the drink. Although this add-in isn’t necessary, when incorporated properly, it can add a touch of healthy fat and make the turmeric more available for our bodies to absorb (as it is fat soluble.) I’d reccomend a high quality, extra virgin or un-refined coconut oil. You may notice down below that there is an ingredient you may not expect in your delicious, morning beverage. (Hint: It’s black pepper.)

Although it may appear to be the odd ball out in this recipe, black pepper is a crucial addition when enjoying turmeric. Just a pinch of black pepper makes the curcumin in turmeric more bioavailable. You’ll barely taste the pepper at all, and trust me when I tell you the health benefit is worth the crack (or two) on top. Lastly, as for sweeteners, my favorite source of non-processed sugar in nature comes from dried medjool dates. You can purchase them at most grocery stores or health food shops. They sort've look like giant raisins. If you’re unable to find dates, you can easily substitute them for maple syrup. But honestly, you should really keep an eye out, because they are easily one of my favorite foods. 


  • Two teaspoons of turmeric offers 16 calories, 17% daily manganese and 10% daily iron. It is a great source of vitamin B6, dietary fiber, and potassium.

  • Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and contains powerful anti-oxidant properties. Curcumin fights inflammation in the body on a molecular level. Did you know that chronic, low-level inflammation is believed to play a role in the development/progression of heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and various other degenerative conditions?

  • Not only does Curcumin act as an antioxidant in the body, it also neutralizes free-radicals and boosts the activity of your body’s own antioxidant enzymes, which further increasing your antioxidant strength.

Okay, now onto the sweet stuff. Lets get golden. 




• 1  cup coconut milk (Made fresh, canned or store bought)

• 1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk (Made fresh or store bought)

• 1 1/2 tsp ground turmeric (can be fresh or powdered - both taste amazing!)

• 1/4 tsp ground ginger (fresh or powdered!)

• 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

• 2 Pitted Dates (or 1 Tbsp. Pure Maple Syrup) 

• Pinch ground black pepper

• Optional * 1 Tbsp (15 g) coconut oil



1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth (to ensure no date, fresh turmeric, or ginger chunks remain in tact.) If you are substituting maple syrup for dates, or powdered Turmeric or ginger for fresh, you will not need to blend. 

2. Pour mixture into a small sauce pan on the stove top to warm. Whisk to combine all ingredients and slowly warm over medium heat. Make sure to not boil your golden milk, just heat it slowly while whisking for 3-4 minutes until frothy and smooth. 

3. Turn off heat and serve immediately. 

4. Golden milk is enjoyed best when hot and fresh. Leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator in a covered container for 3-4 days. Reheat on the stovetop until hot when you plan to sip on some sweetness next. 





1 Large or 2 Small Frozen Bananas

1  cup coconut milk (Made fresh, canned or store bought)

1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk (Made fresh or store bought)

 1 1/2 tsp ground turmeric (can be fresh or powdered - both taste amazing!)

1/4 tsp ground ginger (fresh or powdered!)

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

 2 Pitted Dates (or 1 Tbsp. Pure Maple Syrup) 

 Pinch ground black pepper

1 Serving Garden of Life Vanilla Chai Protein Powder



The night before your golden breakfast, make sure to remove all peels from your ripe bananas and chop them up into small-ish chunks before popping them in a ziploc bag or tupperware container. Store them in the freezer overnight. In the morning, combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Make sure you removed the pits from the dates. Then double check again. Add in Ice or additional plant milk if you desire. Serve cold in a tall glass with a re-useable straw. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.17.32 AM.png

My Favorite Raw Organic Protein Powders

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein is a Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified RAW Vegan Protein powder made with 13 Raw sprouted proteins delivering 22 grams of protein.

Featuring 22 Raw and organic sprouts, Raw Organic Protein is an excellent source of complete protein—providing 22 grams and 44% of the Daily Value—including all essential amino acids. Raw Organic Protein contains RAW Food-Created fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes. Raw matters because heat can denature proteins, reducing their availability to your body. Garden of Life’s Certified Organic plant proteins are different—always gently produced at low temperatures, without any added fillers or carriers, preserving their complete amino acid integrity and whole-food, Certified Organic, Non-GMO goodness.




Cheers! Enjoy a healthy and healing holiday season.

Warmest aloha





The easiest cookies you ever did bake. Only require two main ingredients, and all of the rest are optional - but highly recommended by someone who knows good cookies - Me. You can enjoy making a batch of these unique by including any of your favorite superfood or treats that you may have laying around the kitchen cupboards. These cookies can also be made entirely raw or are able to be dehydrated for a few hours and enjoyed as a chewy treat (read below procedure section.)

These make for a perfect dessert, breakfast or snack! You could bake a batch at night and enjoy a few on your way to work in the morning with a smoothie, juice or tea of your choice. They also make for a great snack when sending your child off to school or out for the day. The recipe and bake time is both simple and quick! Which is something that is a necessity when it comes to turning my oven on in this 85 degree Hawai'i heat.

Hope you love them as much as I (and my friends) do! 

Your first decision is to decide wether or not you like your cookies crunchy or soft. First world problems, I know, I know. 

If you prefer your cookies to be "smooth" and crispier on the inside, you'll want to run your oats through a high speed blender or food processor before mixing up the batter. If you like your cookies more like "chunky clusters," feel free to leave your oats in their whole form for this recipe. Sometimes I blend my oats into a fine flour, sometimes I leave them alone, and other times I pulse the oats for just a few secondss until I've found the perfect in-between texture. 

You'll notice in this recipe that I include some spices, super-foods and "add-ins," which make these cookies all the more delicious. To be honest though, you could just stir the oats and bananas together to make a simple, mildly sweet and really yummy "breakfast cookie." I'll talk more about possible "flavors" in a moment.

  •  Maca - Maca is a root vegetable grown in the Peruvian Andes. Maca powder is sacred to the Incas and has been used as a food and medicine in South America for hundreds of years. It is well known for its ability to help enhance strength and endurance. It is said that Incan warriors would often consume maca before long journeys or battles. Maca is high in magnesium, potassium and calcium. 
  • Cacao - Cacao pods, which grow on Cacao trees has been revered for centuries by cultures such as the Aztec and Mayan. Cacao has been used for medical and preventative health purposes for hundreds of years. Cacao is filled with energy-boosting nutrients and minerals. Raw cacao contains magnesium which contributes to normal bone health and healthy immune function. Cacao is also one of the few foods which allows for successful absorption of copper and manganese in our bodies. It is also high in selenium and potassium. 

Here are some of the super-foods you will find in this recipe. All of these powders can be purchased with my own discount code here:














Pre-Heat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Now remove all pits from medjool dates and chop them into small pieces. Once you have decided wether or not to blend/pulse your oats, you'll want to grab a large bowl and mix all ingredients together until combined evenly (I find that using a fork to mash the bananas works best.) Stir Oats, Bananas, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Sunflower Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder, Medjool Dates and Vanilla Bean Extract together. 

Here is where you can get creative. Other possible ingredients include but are definitely not limited to 

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Almond Butter

  • Dried Figs

  • Dried Cranberries

  • Raisins

  • Chopped Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts or Pecans

  • Coconut Flakes

Using a spoon, scoop cookie batter onto parchment paper lined baking tray (You may also use a non-stick tray if you choose.) Flatten cookie mounds with a rubber spatula gently. Cook for approx. 9 minutes or until cookies are of desired crispness (Keep an eye on them! These babies can burn quickly - Trust me!) Golden on the outside is best. Allow to cool on parchment paper for 10 minutes. You can then continue on to eat the entire batch in one sitting, keep them in the refrigerator for the next five days, or freeze them and re-heat them at anytime.

* These cookies can be eaten entirely uncooked or raw (dehydrated) as well! If you chose not to bake your cookies, you can freeze uncooked batter for 2 hours and enjoy cold as a tasty chewy treat. These babies taste incredible with a side dish of Cacao "Nana Nice Cream." If you have a dehydrator and would like to make these cookies compliant to a raw vegan diet, use raw unprocessed oats in your batter and set the dehydrator to 110 degrees Fahrenheit before allowing cookies to "dry" on rack for approx. 4 hours or until chewy. 

Let me know if you give them a try! 

Hope you enjoy